Great time: 5 ways to maintain beauty during pregnancy

This period is not only great happiness, but also no less stress for the female body. We figure out what to look for right now

Moms-to-be are faced with many changes in appearance – pleasant and not so. How to avoid the negative consequences of hormonal changes and be not only the happiest, but also the most beautiful? We figured it out.

Fighting stretch marks

Stretch marks, or striae, can appear on the body in any trimester. The skin does not have time to adapt to the growth of the fetus and actually diverges, leaving purple cracks, which later turn pale. It is known that future mothers of fragile constitution are most susceptible to striae, and the more collagen the body produces, the less the risk of scarring.

Lifestyle. Endocrinologists convince their patients to listen to the body. It is believed that the place where the skin is about to stretch begins to itch. Identify such alarming “bells” and lubricate the skin with a large amount of greasy cream. In addition, a contrast shower is indicated for stretched skin.

Your diet. “Eating for two” during pregnancy is not at all necessary, but reconsidering your approach to nutrition, making it more balanced, adding vitamins prescribed by your doctor and giving up diets, if you were sitting on them before this joyful event, is simply necessary.

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An important point is that any experiments with nutrition should be coordinated with a doctor so as not to harm the child. For example, the recommendation to drink more water does help women with dry skin avoid stretch marks, but may not work for those with kidney problems and swelling. But it is definitely better to refuse coffee for the period of pregnancy and lactation, this diuretic deprives the body of the necessary moisture.

I want such a suspension

In terms of food, walnuts, avocados, olive oil and oily fish are your best allies in the fight for skin elasticity, of course, if you are not allergic to these foods.

Care. It is necessary to start using special cosmetics for pregnant women not when the skin has already become thinner and the first stretch marks have appeared, but as soon as you find out about your situation. Regularly – at least twice a day – moisturize the skin of the abdomen, thighs and breasts with special lotions and creams with natural oils (olive, coconut, almond, cocoa butter and others), hyaluronic acid, retinol, collagen and extracts of plants and algae.

We do not allow pigmentation

Pigmentation during pregnancy is common. Unpleasant spots are the result of a malfunction in the production of melanin, which is responsible for the uniform color of our skin. The skin can darken on any part of the body, but expectant mothers are especially upset when they find spots on their face. The good news is that pigmentation in most cases goes away after the baby is born, but it can still be reduced during pregnancy.

Lifestyle… When the first spots appear, visit an endocrinologist and check the functioning of the thyroid gland. During pregnancy, the most important thing is not to provoke even more melanin production by prolonged exposure to the sun, so postpone your trip to the resort. Remember that age spots that appear in expectant mothers after a beach holiday are very difficult to eliminate.

Your diet. The menu should contain foods containing folic acid – green leafy vegetables, cabbage, liver, cereals and beets.

Care. When choosing cosmetics for stretch marks, carefully study the composition of the product. Avoid products with vitamin A (retinol), which is excellent at fighting stretch marks and helps start the skin regeneration process, but stimulates the formation of age spots. Use the whitening masks developed in the maternity lines.

We are engaged in the prevention of varicose veins

Ugly spider veins, and sometimes nodes, appear in late pregnancy due to the load on the veins of the legs. The enlargement of the uterus provokes pressure on the vessels in the pelvic region and puts stress on the entire circulatory system. Launched varicose veins can lead to very unpleasant consequences, including deep vein thrombosis, not to mention the aesthetic moment, so we carefully monitor our condition.

Lifestyle. It is best to start prevention of the appearance of spider veins early on. Try to avoid work that requires standing most of the day during pregnancy. Rest with your feet on a raised platform to allow blood to drain. Do simple gymnastics for the veins in a prone position, do not cross your legs, give up hot baths and saunas in favor of aqua aerobics and dousing with cool water.

Diet. To minimize the risk of blood clots, you need to take care of blood flow. Include in your diet foods that liquefy it – tomato juice, cranberry fruit drinks, lemon, grapes, sea buckthorn, black currant, turkey and seafood.

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Care. The best way to prevent varicose veins and the appearance of ugly stars is to wear compression hosiery. Do not confuse medicated tights with regular stockings or knee-highs, which do not apply the necessary pressure or shape the veins, helping blood flow. Make an appointment with a phlebologist – he will select the desired degree of compression, the size and the type of knitwear itself: it can be knee-highs, tights and even fishnet stockings, which are in no way inferior in attractiveness to analogues from lingerie stores.

Maintaining the beauty of hair

Perhaps one of the most surprising changes during pregnancy occurs in hair. They can grow quickly, straight lines begin to curl, and curly ones straighten. A large amount of the hormone estrogen prolongs the lifespan of each hair and therefore expectant mothers receive a pleasant bonus – the hair almost does not fall out and becomes thick.

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However, after the birth of a baby, when the hormonal background begins to return to normal, many mothers are faced with the problem of loss, and with increased anxiety and general overwork, the hair can become brittle and dry.

Lifestyle. It is not recommended to dye hair for pregnant women, but walking with washed off color is also not an option. Give preference to products that contain sparing ammonia-free compounds, or even use natural dyes – basma, henna, chamomile decoction and oak bark.

Diet. In addition to the multivitamin complex, which the doctor prescribes, it is imperative to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day for the beauty of your hair, as well as lean on foods rich in protein and iron: buckwheat with beef goulash is your recipe for beauty.

Care. Pregnancy is not the time to experiment with new formulations. It is better to buy herbal remedies at a pharmacy and make herbal decoctions for rinsing. Burdock, nettle and coltsfoot will help strengthen hair follicles, oak bark and sage will cope with the problem of excessive greasiness, and pharmacy chamomile perfectly cares for dry hair.

Mechanical massage of the scalp will also be useful – buy a soft rubber or silicone brush and spend 5 minutes of leisurely combing before going to bed every night.

We take care of teeth

Dentists reassure: the fears of expectant mothers that the baby is taking calcium from the body have not been scientifically confirmed. Oral problems, which are somewhat aggravated in an interesting position, are associated with other factors. The development of caries and demineralization of the teeth occurs due to severe toxicosis, disturbed eating habits and changes in hormonal levels. However, the role of calcium should not be completely discounted.

Lifestyle. The optimal solution would be to undergo complex surgical interventions at the stage of pregnancy planning – prosthetics, implantation, tartar removal – if, of course, they are shown to you by a dentist. During pregnancy, procedures that do not require aggressive anesthesia are allowed – treatment of caries, periodontal disease, inflammatory processes, installation of braces, soft cleaning.

Diet. Limit your intake of simple carbohydrates, replace packaged juices and sodas for water and kefir. If, like many future mothers, sin night forays into the kitchen, after each “approach” to the refrigerator or buffet, do not forget to brush your teeth according to all the rules, with floss and interdental brushes – it is the remnants of food, especially sweet, stuck to your teeth or stuck between them for the whole night, especially provoke caries.

Care. In addition to the obvious rules about brushing your teeth at least twice a day – in the morning and in the evening before going to bed, for 3 minutes or longer, massage will help improve blood flow in the gums and thereby strengthen teeth. Buy a soft monobunched brush and in a circular motion, trying not to press too hard, pass it along the outer surface of the gums, and then repeat the procedure on the inner side.

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An alternative can be an irrigator – massage with a water jet. Dedicate the procedures for 5-8 minutes at least every other day, just do not get carried away with power and pressure – you definitely should not injure your gums. Plus, use special enamel-strengthening pastes and pastes with anti-inflammatory components – mint, sage, oak bark.

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