Green coffee for weight loss: truth or fiction?

Green coffee for weight loss is in great demand today. The manufacturer claims that it is a safe and effective weight loss product. Let’s try to figure out whether green coffee really helps to lose weight, and also talk about its advantages and disadvantages, rules of use and brands of this product.

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It is known that the coffee tree grows in areas with a favorable climate, which allows its fruits to fully go through the ripening cycle. But if the usual black coffee is obtained from roasted beans, then a slimming drink is created on the basis of fruits that have not been thermally affected. Green berries undergo a special type of processing, and then the finished raw materials are packed in an airtight container. In this form, a popular weight loss product goes to manufacturers who process raw materials, getting different types to create a healthy drink.

In terms of taste, green coffee practically does not differ from the usual black tonic drink. The only distinguishing feature is a specific flavor, indicating that the beans of the coffee tree have not been exposed to heat.

Green coffee for weight loss goes on sale in the form of whole grains, granules, soluble powder, there are mixed product options.

The composition of the product for obtaining a healing drink includes a large number of chemical components. Moreover, depending on the manufacturer, this set of ingredients for weight loss can be modified. Therefore, here is a list of the most common chemical agents:

  • caffeine;
  • tanning components;
  • pectins;
  • organic acids (acetic, citric, oxalic and others);
  • mineral elements;
  • vegetable fats (lipids);
  • vitamin supplements (ascorbic acid, levocartinin (vitamin B11, vitamin PP and other representatives of this group);
  • chlorogenic acid (the main active component of a green product that stimulates active fat burning).

In addition to the substances already listed, green coffee for weight loss often contains the tannin component, which activates mental activity. The product must contain agents that dull appetite (guarana, garcinia, wheat extract).

Benefits and effectiveness

The manufacturer notes that green coffee has a complex effect on the body, which has a beneficial effect on human health in general.

The main useful properties of the drink:

  • Suppresses appetite. It is on this property that the weight loss program is based. A properly prepared drink, as indicated in the instructions, accelerates fat burning and also stimulates the digestive tract.
  • Improves liver function. Chlorogenic acid stimulates this important organ to process fatty acids.
  • Cleans the body of toxins, free radicals and other harmful compounds.
  • Removes excess fluid from the body.

It is worth noting that not everyone manages to lose extra pounds with the help of this product, some people note its complete uselessness. To get a fat burning effect, you need to combine coffee intake with proper nutrition and exercise.


Most overweight people in search of an effective weight loss option rarely think about the negative aspects of the chosen method. Despite all the usefulness of green coffee, there are a number of contraindications for its use.

Slimming drink can not be drunk:

  • expectant mothers;
  • lactating women;
  • persons under 12 years of age;
  • people who have increased nervous excitability;
  • patients with diseases of the central nervous system;
  • patients with signs of atherosclerosis;
  • elderly people (after 60 years).

Side effects

With proper use of green coffee for weight loss, side effects are usually not observed. But if you violate the rules of admission, the following problems may arise:

  • nausea;
  • intestinal dysfunction;
  • dizziness;
  • increased heart rate;
  • pressure drops.

In especially severe cases, even short-term loss of consciousness may occur. Considering the possible risks, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules for using the product, and stop taking it at the slightest sign of discomfort.

Rules for preparation and use

Good quality grains should be used to prepare the drink. From them, you can prepare a slimming agent at home by following these steps:

  1. Using a blender or coffee grinder, you must first grind the grains (approximately to the state of buckwheat).
  2. Heat 200 ml of water in a Turk, and then add 2-3 tsp. ground raw materials. As soon as the drink begins to boil, the Turk must be removed from the heat.
  3. Green coffee should be slightly infused before drinking.

If there is no way to prepare a slimming drink using the classic method, you can brew it in a regular cup. It is recommended to strain the present composition before use.

The manufacturer advises to drink no more than 5 cups of the drink per day. Due to the fact that green coffee suppresses appetite, it is better to drink it in between meals. To improve the taste, you can add ginger, guarana, mate. But in this case, the permissible daily dose is 1 cup.

Product overview with prices

Many different manufacturers supply green coffee to the market, so the product can be purchased without any problems. Let’s describe the most popular brands.

Green coffee for weight loss Turboslim

Green coffee for weight loss Turboslim

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The cost varies depending on the weight – from 250 to 900 rubles per package.

In addition to extra-class coffee beans, it contains plant extracts of turmeric, horsetail, burdock. The product stimulates the production of bile, improves the condition of the facial skin. The product is available in tablets and sachets. In case of an overdose, there is a risk of developing allergic manifestations.

Green coffee for weight loss GreenCoffee 800 and 1000

Green coffee for weight loss GreenCoffee 800

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The cost of one sachet is about 50 rubles, and the price of a GreenCoffee 800 package is from 600 to 900 rubles. A drug with a dosage of 1000 mg costs from 700 rubles.

In both variations, it is a natural weight loss product. It is not recommended for use if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The drug is intended for a single dose per day. To do this, brew a bag of coffee in ½ glass of water. It is better to drink this drink in the morning. The manufacturer claims that this is an effective weight loss product that allows you to lose up to 6 kilograms per month without harming your health.

Green coffee for weight loss Mansour

Green coffee for weight loss Mansour

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The cost of this type of green coffee is from 600 rubles.

It is a slimming product that is a mixture of herbal ingredients, as well as Arabica and Robusta beans. The use of such a drink increases the blood sugar content, and this is perceived by the body as a complete meal. If you combine a green drink with diet and physical activity, you can lose up to 6 kg per month. The maximum possible daily dose is 2 cups. The manufacturer recommends drinking green coffee for weight loss after meals.

Green coffee for weight loss mins

Green coffee for weight loss mins

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The price of one package is from 450 rubles.

In addition to a mixture of black and green varieties, this brand of coffee contains green tea extract, which enhances the antioxidant properties of the product. As indicated by the manufacturer, Means has a positive effect on metabolic processes, activates the brain. It is better to take the remedy before meals, twice a day.

ExtraGreen Slimming Green Coffee

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The concentrate can be purchased for about 900 rubles.

This slimming product differs from analogs in its liquid consistency. This is a syrup containing plant extracts: orange, guarana seed, African safflower.

Florina Green Slimming Coffee

Florina Green Slimming Coffee

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A hundred-gram pack of coffee will cost about 200 rubles.

The product consists of high quality raw materials that are produced in Brazil. Available in granules that dissolve quickly, simplifying the application procedure. The drink has a mild taste with characteristic herbal notes. For weight loss, you should drink a cup of drink twice a day. It is necessary to combine the intake of green coffee with moderate exercise.

Green coffee for weight loss Abrecafe

Green coffee for weight loss Abrecafe

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A pack of 250 g product costs about 980 rubles on average.

This variety comes in the form of powder and unroasted grains. In the first case, black coffee is added to the coffee powder in the same form. The drink is obtained by the traditional method – by brewing two teaspoons of the product with 200 ml of water. Not recommended for hypertension.

Green coffee for weight loss Nadine

Green coffee for weight loss Nadine

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One package costs 139 rubles.

Packaging with a special valve protects the product from absorbing foreign odors. According to the manufacturer, it is enough to drink just two cups of coffee drink daily for weight loss in order to lose 4 kg of weight in a month.

Green coffee for weight loss Tropicana Slim

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The cost of a package (60 tablets) is around 620 rubles.

This type of green coffee is in high demand. The dosage form in the form of tablets allows you to comply with the recommended dosage. The standard course of application is 1–2 months. Drink 1 tablet a day on an empty stomach. If the result obtained does not meet expectations, the course of treatment can be resumed after a short pause.

When choosing green coffee for weight loss, remember that with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, this product may be completely useless. You also need to take into account contraindications, otherwise taking a drink will not benefit, but harm.

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