Gucci will open a pop-up store in the spirit of “Alice in Wonderland”. Until then, watch the fabulous campaign

Gucci unveils Gucci Lifestyle stationery collection campaign. It is inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland. The ad was shot by Max Siedentopf, in Tuscany, in the Castello Sonnino fortress, built in the 16th century by the Medici family.

The actions in the video and in the photo unfold in fabulous spaces where miracles and enchantments reign supreme. Notepads flutter like birds, pencils bloom like flowers, pencil cases turn into volcanoes and spew clouds of brightly colored smoke, houses of cards grow bigger than they are in real life, and the game of backgammon is interrupted by the society of snails. Models perform the bedtime ritual outdoors, on green lawns, with pajamas, pillows, face masks and slippers adorned with traditional Gucci patterns.

Gucci will open a pop-up shop in the spirit of
Gucci will open a pop-up shop in the spirit of

In an official statement, the creative director of the house, Alessandro Michele, explained that as a child, going to stationery stores and looking for unusual pens, pencils and notebooks was a kind of magic for him. And the presentation of the Gucci Lifestyle collection in Milan, in the temporary Gucci Cartoleria store, is a kind of tribute to that period of the designer’s life. While working on the ruler, Michele imagined a small cabinet of rarities, like a cabinet of curiosities, similar to Ali Baba’s cave, which could move everyday objects into a fairy-tale dimension.

Since things do not have a direct link to the clothing and accessories of the brand, the designer decided to create a special space for them. The Gucci Cartoleria pop-up store will run until September 17, during Milan Design Week, at 19. Via Manzoni, an atmosphere of wonders and many surprises, such as flying notebooks, chess sets that play themselves, objects haunted, endless bookcases and mice apartments with Gucci furniture.

The collection itself includes a large selection of stationery, such as eco-friendly notebooks with Gucci canvas or Gucci Demetra ™ covers, sets of notebooks, 20 envelopes and 20 postcards, pencil cases, brass pens, made according to the laws of the “golden ratio ”And plated with palladium or gold, a set of 40 Caran d’Ache cedar wood pencils, paperweights with a glass dome, fans made of wood and satin silk, cubes, backgammon and playing cards made by the Italian company Modiano, based in Trieste in 1868 by the merchant from the Greek Thessaloniki Saul David Modiano. For the discerning traveler, there are satin silk pajamas and a set that includes sleep masks, pillows and mules in eco-friendly silk and viscose, adorned with the house’s signature patterns.

The Lifestyle collection will also be available from 10 September at select Gucci boutiques and

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