Gym exercises for heavy legs

Nothing like toned muscles for activate venous return. “When they contract, the muscles act as a natural restraint on the veins”, says Dr Philippe Blanchemaison, phlebologist.

This pioneer of vascular gymnastics underlines “that it essentially has a preventive effect on venous insufficiency. »Regularly practiced, it slows down its development, gives shape to the swollen legs and relieves the feeling of heaviness. But it does not work a miracle when venous disease is installed. It can neither cure varicose veins nor erase spider veins.

Which sports should be favored to stimulate venous return?

Methods based on work of deep postural muscles, as Pilates orMezieres, are effective, as are the endurance sports such the market, the bike, or the swimming. “In water, it’s even better, because we benefit from its draining effect,” adds Dr. Blanchemaison. Theaquabike is excellent for venous return. Pedaling in the water, keeping the heel lower than the forefoot, strengthens all the muscles of the leg, especially the soleus, deep muscles of the calf

Ursula Borkowska, director of a fitness center, developed this “special legs” program. The important thing: regularity, daily practice and varied exercises so as not to get bored.

Home gym exercises

You can train at home, but also at the office or, for certain exercises, in transport. Do each exercise 10 to 20 times.

Flexion-extension : standing, resting on the legs, the tips of the feet placed at the edge of a step, we go up and down on the point. The heel should be lower than the forefoot in order to strengthen the soleus muscles. Do this 10 to 20 times on each leg or both legs at the same time.

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Sumo : standing, feet apart, pointed outwards. We flex our legs by pressing hard on the heels until our thighs are parallel to the ground, then we go up slowly. Your back should stay straight. This exercise strengthens the inner thighs

heavy leg sumo exercise

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The flamingo : standing, hands on the hips or arms outstretched, bust straight, the knee is raised as high as possible in the direction of the thorax, by bending the thigh. The position is maintained for 30 seconds to 1 min. This exercise strengthens the psoas muscle in the pelvis.

flamingo heavy legs exercise

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Lying on your back: arms along the body, bend the legs to form a right angle and pedal for 2 min in one direction then in the other. You can do straight leg scissors or circles with the feet, in both directions.

4 heavy legs gym exercise

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In a sitting position: flexions and extensions of the foot are carried out in order to activate blood circulation.

5 heavy legs gym exercise

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Aquagym and aquabike exercises

At sea or in the swimming pool, each session must last at least 30 minutes.

Water aerobics : each movement is done over 30 to 60 seconds, in series of 3 to 5.

Standing butt heels, water up to the waist, when walking or on the spot.

aquagym 1 heavy legs

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Fast walking forward and backward, going faster and faster.

aquagym 2 heavy legs

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Jumping gap on the spot, we perform more and more rapid close-tight jumps.

3 heavy legs aquagym

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Jump feet together: we jump on the tips of the feet.

4 heavy legs aquagym

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Opening and closing of the legs: the body vertically in the water, a fries under the arms, spread the outstretched legs while inhaling and tightening while exhaling.

5 heavy legs aquagym

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Swimming with fins : we perform beats on the stomach and / or on the back. The movement should start from the hips, not the knees. The knee and ankle joints should remain flexible.

Aquabike : you pedal in the water, taking care to keep the heel lower than the forefoot (strengthening the soleus muscles), alternating pedaling forwards and backwards, and varying the speed.

heavy legs aquabike

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