Haarlem oil, the natural remedy for everything!

The formula is simple: 16% sulfur, 80% pine turpentine and 4% olive oil. lin. Haarlem oil was discovered by Dutch alchemists and quickly became a reference remedy for its virtues. detoxifying and anti-inflammatory drugs. Sulfur is a nutrient found in, among other things, crustaceans, crucifers, oleaginous fruits, and which helps the proper assimilation of calcium by our bones, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis. It also has an important detoxifying action, especially on the liver and kidneys and plays an energy and anti-fatigue role on our body. Sulphated compounds allow in particular the formation of proteins. Pine turpentine is a resin with diuretic properties, facilitating the elimination of toxins. Finally, linseed oil has an important anti-inflammatory action thanks to the omega 3 it contains.

The benefits of Haarlem oil
– Anti-infectious action: turpentine and sulfur are anti-infectives particularly active on the bronchial, urinary and biliary tracts.

– Action on rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis: the association of the anti-infectious effect with the supply of sulfur as a trace element (cartilages and joints are rich in it) and the increase in natural corticosteroids reduce inflation and allow the tissue regeneration. One capsule per day can help to better resist attacks due to pollution and stress, to help find a good energy balance.

– Action against bronchitis and fever: Haarlem oil is recommended for people who want to protect their respiratory system from environmental attacks such as smoking (active or passive), pollution, etc.

– Drainage action: The three components of Haarlem oil allow the elimination of toxins, present in our body (lungs, intestines…). It can also be used as a cure when cleaning the liver and gallbladder.

How to use it ?
Haarlem oil is not marketed pure in the bottle like olive oil. It is found in capsule as a food supplement in pharmacies and organic and health food stores. It is not a question of consuming it every day, but the Haarlem oil capsules can be taken in parallel with a healthy and balanced diet by people who practice a regular sport activity. It is possible to take two capsules twice a week, preferably on evenings when you have worked out intensely, such as after a workout. It is preferred during cures, such as when you want to clean your liver or during a change of season.

For who ?
Of course, people who are suffering from health issues can take Haarlem Oil on the recommendation of a doctor. But it can also be used by athletes, since it helps to regain energy potential and fulfills an important role in detoxification after exercise. Haarlem Oil is also beneficial for people who experience the first signs of aging in the joints such as numbness in the fingers. Haarlem Oil can be used as a medicine because the older you get, the more sulfur the body needs.


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