Hair accessories: 7 inspirations from the 50s, 60s … and 90s!

A revival after the other: summer 2020 in terms of hair accessories it looks more like a karaoke night than a concert celebrating the latest hit of the season. What has been seen on the catwalk in recent seasons is sanctified and past years are celebrated, a little bit out of nostalgia a little bit because the vintage it has never been so cool. On the beach or in the city, the important thing is to have something in your hair. The undisputed winners 90’s.

Hair collected with the pliers: the return



A timeless summer gem fromallure romantic is the band. A versatile accessory like few others: from jeans to dress the margin of error is really low. From the most classic with the bow on the twenty-three, to those made from patterned scarves which often cover the whole head. Valid both for rich hair to tame and for short cuts, even more jaunty.


Rounded headband

We saw him return forcefully a year ago: he walked in the winter and summer seasons, more regal than ever. The headband oversize, which first and foremost Prada paired with rigorous looks matchy matchy, is undoubtedly still one of the protagonists. Smooth or with applications, it must be known to wear without shame and even with a hint of irony.


Headband / scarf with knot at the top

It is about the hair bands tied at the top in a knot with a little flavor gipsy. Directly from the 70s, I’m a real one hybrid between the headband and the turban. Perfect to enhance the tanned face and to combine with a pair of important earrings, why not ?, in golden tones that reflect the amber tones of the tan. Fendi proposes it as a day accessory to tone down the outfit with a real touch of originality.



Comes directly from the 80’s maxi-elastic in colored fabric and is the perfect ally to create inspiring looks high school. From the classic tail – high or low – tohalf bun or mid-crop, this accessory makes its way as one of the key protagonists of the look and often surprises with bold color combinations and absolutely disproportionate but always perfect sizes.



The undisputed protagonist, the bandana immediately gives a somewhat rebellious character, halfway between pop and punk. It covers the whole head and that’s why it is a perfect element even on the beach: protects hair and creates style immediately. Vibrant colors are the most popular: from red to lime to midnight blue, they color the classic print of the original bandana. Dior opt for the version monogram.

Bucket hat

True revelation of the season is what is defined by most “fisherman hat”: Perfect with the t-shirt but also in costume, it redefines the look in an extremely original way, transforming the country in streetstyle. Prada, Dior, Fendi they opt for monogram prints and the stars love it and never miss an opportunity to show it off on the most diverse occasions.


XXL, sequins, fabric, logoed, hairpin style: just clothespins, both and in plain sight. It is no longer a functional accessory to hide, but it becomes central in the hair and should be displayed well. The clips go to pinch the collected means, hold the hair sideways for an irregular look or even close the braids. Maxi logo and monogram, always the most loved by Prada, Gucci and Dior.

Here are 10 streetstyle inspirations for “anti boredom” hairstyles

Braid with XXS scarf

© Edward Berthelot

Classic “flat” clip

© Christian Vierig

Bubble ponytail made with bows

© Claudio Lavenia

Scrunchie + hair clip with bow

© Edward Berthelot

Fantasy of glitter clothespins

© Kirstin Sinclair

Maxi scarf used instead of the elastic on the low tail

© Christian Vierig


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