Hair Accessories: what’s hot right now

One old hit after the other: in terms of hair accessories, summer 2020 looks more like a night at the karaoke than listening to the latest summer hit. We follow religiously the latest catwalk trends and celebrate the past, partly because we feel nostalgic, partly because vintage has never been so cool. At the beach or in town, having something in your hair is de rigueur. The undisputed winners? The Nineties.


The headband

A timeless summer trend with a romantic vibe, and a super-versatile accessory: team yours with jeans or a minidress, you can’t go wrong. From the classic headband with lop-sided bow to those styled from patterned headscarves, that sometimes cover the whole head. Great both to tame a head of voluminous hair and for short hair, for an easy breezy look.


The padded alice band

It came back with a bang, last year: on summer and winter runways, looking as regal as ever. The oversized  alice band that Prada has meticulously teamed with matchy matchy looks, is definitely still making waves. Plain or appliquéd, it must be worn without any embarrassment, and with a touch of irony.


The turban headband

Directly from the 70s, this particular headband features a top knot to resemble a turban. A perfect accessory to show off your tan and team with statement earrings: dare to wear a gold-toned pair that reflect your amber-toned skin. See Fendi’s offering, an accessory for the day to play up your outfit with an original touch.


The Scrunchie

Directly from the 80s, this big fabric hair band is your perfect friend to style high-school-inspired looks. From the classic ponytail – high or low – to the half bun and half-do, the scrunchie takes center stage and often comes in amazing and striking color combinations and oversized styles, and are still the perfect thing.


The bandanna

The bandanna is a top player, and instantly adds an edgy vibe, halfway between pop and punk. Covering the whole head, it comes handy also on the beach, as it protects your locks and make you look stylish at the same time. The most popular hues are vibrant: red, lime, midnight blue, playing up the classic print of the original bandanna. Dior opts for a monogram edition.

The Bucket hat

A true revelation this season, it is generally known as the “fisherman’s hat”: perfect with a T-shirt, but also to round out your swimming suit, adding a street-style vibe. Prada, Dior, Fendi opt for monogram prints, all the rage with celebs who never miss a chance to flaunt it.

Hairpins and hairclips

XXL, sequined, fabric-covered, logoed, bobby pin style: bring on the hairpins! Not a functional accessory to keep in hiding, make hairpins the focal point of your look, adorning a half-do, or side-swept hair for an asymmetric look, or to embellish the end of your braid. With their big logos and monograms, the most coveted hairpins and hairclips are, again, from Prada, Gucci and Dior.

10 streetstyle inspirations

Maxi bow, mini ponytail

© Christian Vierig

Bubble ponytail with bows

© Claudio Lavenia

Tons of glittery Hairclips

© Kirstin Sinclair


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