Hair coloring in blonde [20 photos]

Features of hair coloring in blonde

Blond is the most fashionable and popular hair color in the world, it suits many people, softens facial features and attracts glances. But before you run to the salon and repaint in a beautiful light shade, it is important to understand the nuances of this color.

    • Anyone can become a blonde, regardless of the color type. The main thing is to consider the color of the eyes and skin when choosing a tone. A girl like “spring” or “autumn”should pay attention to a warm sandalwood or honey shade, a “summer” girl will go cold ash or wheat tone, and a” winter ” face a luxurious platinum blonde.


    • Blond curls visually rejuvenate, so feel free to choose such coloring if you want to” throw off ” several years.


    • For coloring blonde hair, you will most likely have to lighten your hair, which means that it will damage its structure. For a fair head of hair, lightening will be insignificant, but darker hair will have to be fairly ” tormented”.


    • Blond, like any light shades, requires careful regular care: starting from shampoos against yellowness and ending with a monthly tint of the roots. Only in this case, the hair will look well-groomed and attractive.


Fashionable coloring techniques

What are the different techniques of coloring blonde hair and which of them are most relevant today? Examples can be found in our photo gallery.


Despite the popularity of complex coloring techniques, pure blonde does not give up its position, which is not surprising: this luxurious hair color attracts the attention of men and causes envy in women. But remember that any solid blonde — whether dark or platinum-requires monthly color correction.


Hair lightened by the Shatush technique is characterized by a non-uniform color and a smooth transition from light shades of blond to darker: for example, light brown, cream or honey. This highlighting creates a natural effect of sun-bleached strands, so that the image as a whole looks more relaxed.


Perhaps one of the main advantages of balayage is its long-term result. The colorist smoothly stretches the shade from the dark roots to the blond tips, so you can update the overgrown roots once every six months. If we talk about current trends, then now the trend is wine and pink balayage on blonde.


Ombre is a technique of contrasting hair coloring, in which, unlike balayage, the border of color transition from natural roots to accentuated lightened tips passes lower and is more clearly visible.

Beautiful coloring options

We tell you and show you what shades of blonde are suitable for light hair of different lengths.

For short hair

Short haircuts are most effective and stylish in combination with” Nordic ” shades of blond — white, platinum, pearl. But there is a caveat: the skin tone of the face should also be cold. A great idea for creative people is an ultra-trendy pastel pink blonde.

For medium-length hair

The average length of hair is universal for any coloring. You can revive such a haircut with a shining ultrablond or a “delicious” strawberry blonde, as well as with softer and natural nuances — wheat strands or an ashen tint.

For long hair

An elongated haircut allows you to fully reveal the color variations and sun glare, so techniques such as shatouche, Ombre and balayage with their transitions from one shade of blonde to another are the most suitable option for long hair.

Everything for coloring in blonde: what to discolor, what color to choose?

coloring blond hair

In order for the blonde to turn out exactly as you planned, first of all, you need to lay a good “Foundation” for coloring, that is, to provide a high-quality and even background of lightening. Keep in mind that hair bleaching is a complex salon service, so it is important to trust an experienced colorist and trusted brands in this matter.

To lighten the natural pigment or completely discolor the master usually uses a special cream, oil, paste or powder. For an ideal lightening background, professionals usually take the latter. And among their favorites, colorists from among the experts of SalonSecret highlight the discoloring powder Matrix Light Master with a bonder inside, which protects the strands during chemical exposure, without damaging the bonds inside the hair shaft. The powder appeared recently, but is already gaining popularity in salons.

The colorists liked its consistency, which is equally convenient for open techniques and for foiling. Depending on the thickness of the hair and the characteristics of the “native” pigment, this fast-acting powder is mixed either with low-power oxidants (3%, 6%) or with oxidants with a high percentage of hydrogen peroxide (9%). According to reviews, the new Matrix Light Master easily copes even with deep base pigment.

coloring the blonde mix

After lightening, you should actually choose a persistent or semi-permanent dye, which ultimately determines the uniformity and saturation of your blonde. The composition of professional paint usually differs from its analogues by a reduced content (or lack) of ammonia. As a rule, salon formulas are saturated with various useful components, for example:

    • natural oils for nutrition;


    • citric acid to protect ionic bonds inside the hair;


    • taurine, which increases elasticity.


Among the latest salon innovations, we note four maximum light shades of resistant paint with an alkaline element Matrix Color Sync at the 11th tone level (pearl, ash, natural and pearl), as well as an updated line of Shir (sheer) pastels Matrix Color Sync with cold pigments to give a light shade to lightened hair. After toning with this translucent dye, the color lasts for up to 25 shampoo applications and is washed out in a cool tone.

The key role in the selection of paint is certainly played by the base color of the hair — we will talk about this in more detail below.

Procedure execution technology

coloring with blonde technology

Hair bleaching is exactly the case when you need to contact a coloring master and visit a beauty salon. Only a professional colorist will be able to choose the perfect shade, technique and dye, taking into account the features of your hair and appearance in General.

For dark hair

blonde on dark hair

Owners of dark hair will have to do a lot of work to dye themselves blonde and at the same time not harm the hair. First, you can do this most effectively and safely for your hair and hair bulbs only in a salon. Secondly, it will take more than one hour, and in some cases you will need several such” washes ” of color.

Previously dyed dark hair may require decapitation. If your colorist works on professional lines of L’oréal Professionnel, he will use Efassor powder for washing. The only contraindication for it is not trimmed henna coloring.

For blondes

blonde on light hair

If you want to refresh the usual light color of your hair, you can limit yourself to toning your hair. Unpainted blond strands such a procedure gives a healthy Shine and a richer shade. SalonSecret experts recommend different shades of L’oréal Professionnel Dia Richesse for natural blondes. The process of gentle coloring with this ammonia-free dye takes no more than half an hour, does not spoil the hair, does not lighten them, but only changes the tone.

For toning bleached hair, you can try a delicate toner from the Matrix Color Sync palette with a sour pH in a Nude shade, completely transparent. It is used for glossing and easy correction between colorings. Pay attention to other tones of the Color Sync palette: their task is to create an even shade along the length, remove the yellowing that occurs during lightening, and restore hair, return it to its radiance and silkiness. From alkaline Color Sync these colors differ in that they do not affect the tone of lightening and give the hair more Shine. We remind you that dyes of this type are mixed by colorists with activators from the same range before applying.

For brown hair

blonde on brown hair

The most suitable lightening option for russet hair is ammonia — free coloring. For example, the resistant paint L’oréal Professionnel Inoa Blond Resist does not contain ammonia, while completely covering gray hair and lightening up to three tones. For simple coloring, you will only have to visit the salon once.

Here’s what the master colorist does:

    • Mixes the inoa dye with the inoa ODS2 developer in the desired proportion, and then adds the SmartBond protective concentrate if necessary.


    • The resulting mixture is applied first to the roots, and then distributed along the entire length.


    • After 35 minutes, thoroughly wash the hair with warm water and technical shampoo to complete the coloring of L’oréal Professionnel Inoa Post.


For redheads

blonde on red hair

To save your nerves and hair, for lightening red hair, it is better to consult an experienced colorist — the orange pigment is quite capricious and can behave unpredictably when home coloring. Do not be afraid of ammonia dyes, in this case it is the most effective way to turn into a blonde. To work with a natural ginger base, SalonSecret experts recommend Matrix Socolor Ultra Blond, which is mixed with an oxidizer of 9 or 12%. You will have to wait for about an hour, as a result-lightening up to five tone levels, while the strands become more soft and shining.

Care for colored hair


Blondes should not neglect home hair care: the lightening procedure is considered one of the most difficult and stressful for curls, so you will have to take care of your hair with a vengeance.

What remedies will you need to maintain a healthy state of bleached hair? With this question, we turned to SalonSecret experts who are well versed in the Matrix and Kérastase ranges.

To neutralize yellow and copper shades: Matrix So Silver

Stylists are always ready to tell a lot of interesting facts about the color circle and the effect of different pigments on each other, but blondes are much more interested in the final result. And this is reasonable. If you have a light shade of hair with a silvery nuance, we advise you to try this range.

Its task is to correct the hair tone between colorings, neutralizing unwanted warm shades. Use it at home as soon as you notice that your favorite color of blonde, fully bleached or highlighted hair starts to change. This shampoo is enough to use 2-3 times a week, each time leaving it on the hair for up to 10 minutes. Natural gray hair, which often lacks an exquisite silvery nuance, it also fits.

It works in a targeted way, restoring damaged areas of the hair web. If you are afraid that the strands after lightening will become very porous, brittle, brittle, dry and lifeless, after each washing of the hair, apply conditioner, massage it into the strands, and then rinse.

Super concentrated care with pigments for salon use only. Stylists say that as a home remedy, the mask is categorically not suitable. First, it will be difficult to wash it off from the surface of the bath and from the walls. Secondly, it will not suit every blonde, here you need a well-trained eye.

To neutralize the yellow: Matrix Brass Off

The hated yellowness will manifest itself sooner or later, but the right care will save you from meeting it. Brass Off is just like that.

    • New year’s set Matrix Brass Off


It will be a perfect gift for the Snow Queen, a fan of cold blonde hair. The set includes the favorites of our experts-shampoo and conditioner from this range.

  • Matrix Brass Off Shampoo

Created personally for cold Blonds of 5-8 levels, that is, not the lightest. This is primarily a light brown, dark blond (light tone), medium and light blonde. Then there are already dazzling shades of very light tones, they are more suitable for the so Silver range. And Brass Off works within this framework, and works well: it returns a cool nuance to the hair and preserves the naturalness of the color.

The formula of this nourishing treatment is enriched with vitamin oil for elasticity and softness of the hair. With Brass Off, your blond hair is not threatened by anything, you can forget about the popular horror stories (allegedly, the hair will become like straw after lightening) forever.

Another exclusively salon mask, which if handled carelessly will turn the blonde hair into a MOP with a lilac tint. SalonSecret experts are always careful, so in their skilled hands this tool works wonders. In cases where there is no extra hour for the salon, and the blonde has already lost its luxurious cold nuance, go to your master for at least 10 minutes. During this time, the mask will neutralize the warm undertone and banish yellowness.

Cream for deep nourishment of hair colored in cold light shades. You do not need to wash it off, after applying it, you can safely curl your curls or straighten strands with an iron — Brass Off also protects against high temperatures. Before drying with a hair dryer, it will also come in handy: cranky Blonds do not like hot air.

To maintain the pastel shades of blonde hair: Matrix Keep Me Vivid

There are Blonds, and there are BLONDS. Exquisite, unique and very easy to wash off: beige, light coral, strawberry, rose gold, pearl. For their protection, you need a special gamma.

Sulfate-free cleansing is the main condition for a long and happy life of your favorite shade. This shampoo acts gently, does not provoke rapid washing out of the color nuance and is equally good for both bright shades and pastels.

Glaze is a popular salon service. Its effect can be repeated at home with this air conditioner. It smoothes the cuticle to a glossy Shine and thus does not allow artificial pigments to leave the hair.

Express laminator stylists use immediately after coloring. It seals the color in the hair shaft in a minute thanks to its slightly acidic pH. Feel the difference: a single use of the spray allows you to

“preserve” the color so that the shade will please you until 21 washing your hair.

One of the main enemies of any blonde is ultraviolet light. This cream contains UV filters, instantly softens the hair, gives it a gorgeous glow and cares for the color day after day.

For recovery after lightening: Matrix The Re-Bond

Do not forget that bleaching or discoloration — it is always the destruction of the natural pigments of the hair. Stylists consider this damage and advise you to take care of the blonde at home more carefully, even extreme. A decent result is given by the re-Bond gamma.

The first step is complete cleansing and blocking the harmful effects of negative ions in the hair structure. Shampoo contains citric acid, which prepares the strands for the restoration of internal structural bonds.

The second step is intensive strengthening of the bonds in the keratin matrix of the hair. Immediately after shampooing, apply this product, enriched with maleic acid, so that the strands remain strong, well-groomed and healthy.

In the process of lightening, formulations with a bonder strengthen the protein matrix of the hair, but after a while it weakens again. To support it, you need this conditioner that can restore hair damaged by three lightenings (this result deserves respect) or abuse of thermal styling tools. The cumulative effect of Re-Bond increases the stability of the hair to any damage.

For luxury care: Kérastase Chromatique


“Of course, all tips for caring for a blonde must be given by a specialist master who worked with the person on the day of coloring. Recommendations must be made based on the quality of the hair before coloring and, accordingly, diagnosing the condition of the hair after the procedure. And depending on whether the hair was natural or dyed not for the first time, all the products that correspond to oxidants are selected, additional care is applied in the dye in order to preserve the fiber of the hair as much as possible. After coloring, you need procedures to fix the color and, possibly, add additional gloss — at Kérastase, this is the Fusio Dose series in the form of ampoules and a booster. The master also prescribes home care in the form of shampoo-bath and mask. For the first two weeks, it can be a Kérastase reflection range for colored hair: for example, For bleached hair, chromatique Riche shampoo is suitable. If necessary, then in two weeks it will be possible to switch to a range of restoration or nutrition — depending on the hair texture and the client’s expectations. I will make a reservation that before all this, the hair diagnostics must be carried out by the master.”

Natalia Mikhaleva
Kérastase Stylist


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