Hair dye Cream henna and my honest review

Among all types of cosmetics and other beauty products, hair dyes are the most unpredictable remedies. The effects of staining with new paint can be delightful or frustrating. I want predictable results and benefits for my hair. Therefore, lately, many girls have been experimenting with natural dyes. We all know many stories about a grandmother with gorgeous hair, who for many years washes her hair with a decoction of onion peels or uses another old beauty recipe.

We dye our hair with henna cream

A lot of negative reviews have been written about henna cream and other ready-made natural paints. After analyzing the reviews, I realized that everyone is unhappy with the resulting shade of hair. Nobody writes about harm to hair, like woke up in the morning after dyeing, and a lot of hair remained on the pillow. Unpredictable shades do not bother me at all, the main thing is that the hair grows better, which is why I wanted to use natural dyes.

I experimented with basma and henna for a couple of years, mixing these paints in different proportions and with various additives. After 3 months of experiments, I was able to achieve a predictable result and discovered my own formula for mixing paints, which lasts for a long time and suits in color. But the procedure for staining with henna and basma has another difficulty – a long waiting time. To get the desired shade, you have to sit in a hat for 3 hours!

So what I got. There are no photos of the process, initially there was no idea to write a review about coloring. I’ll just tell you the pros and cons that are seen in my case …

Pros of staining with henna cream

    • Henna cream promises a waiting time of 30 minutes. After use, I can say that this is true, 30 minutes is enough.

    • The paint is completely ready, no need to mix the ingredients. Here we also save time, no need to read the instructions with small print, everything is ready to use.

    • The dye is easy to apply to the hair does not roll in lumps, like a mixture of basma and henna, prepared at home. The composition lies on the hair perfectly and does not drain, but it is better to wear a hat.

    • Does not contain ammonia

    • Long-lasting and stable. It’s been 2 weeks now, the paint is almost not washed off, despite the hot summer and constant shower.

    • It paints hair roots well.

  • Does not dry hair.

Cons of hair dye

    • The shade is unpredictable the first time. Rather, the shade itself, as promised, is bitter chocolate, but with it you get an accompanying color. In my case, the scalp and hair roots turned out to be a rich green color, as if smeared with brilliant green. The hair itself also turned out to be a little greenish, but the greens from the hair came off in 3 days. Greens left the head and hair roots for 5 days.

    • Strong skin coloration. Be sure to wear gloves and be careful! If the paint lasts on the skin for 30 minutes, it will take a very long time to wash it off.

    • Unknown composition. It is written that everything is natural, but I dyed with natural basma and henna, so I know what result they give and how they behave during the dyeing process. Henna cream contains some components that are not mentioned on the package. How these ingredients will affect hair growth and health is unknown.

  • Pillow and hats get dirty within 4-5 days.

Hair dye Cream henna


If you are a confident girl with a creative approach to life and are not afraid of experiments, you can safely paint with henna cream. For me, a green shade of hair and a green scalp did not become a reason for disappointment at all, it was even interesting, because now unusual shades of hair are in trend. Girls dye their hair pink, purple and other shades, and henna cream gave me the opportunity to try on an emerald green color for some 3-4 days.

I don’t see any horror in this. Many people call the effect of greenish hair – hair of a witch or swamp kikimora. But if you look impeccable in all other respects, green hair will not spoil the image and mood. The effect of emerald hair brought me a new positive experience.

How henna cream affects hair health is not yet known. I will continue to use this paint and will tell you in the future …

Author: Karina Dmitrieva

Hair dye Cream henna and my honest review


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