Hair lamination: what is it, main types, pros and cons

Beautiful healthy hair always attracts the attention of others. There are many ways to care: masks, sprays and, of course, cosmetic procedures such as hair lamination. This procedure will help protect your hair from adverse external factors, as well as give shine, silkiness and smoothness.

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What is hair lamination?

Hair lamination is a procedure in which hair strands are wrapped in a special breathable cellulose film that penetrates deep into the hair and retains moisture inside. This therapy is suitable for both healthy hair and damaged hair. The effect of the procedure is smooth, shiny hair, protected from the adverse external environment, which is immediately noticeable.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair lamination

Like all cosmetic procedures, lamination has its pros and cons.


  1. The result of the procedure is immediately noticeable.
  2. Hair gains shine and becomes thicker, stronger, dryness and brittleness go away.
  3. Protection from adverse external factors.
  4. Dyed hair looks brighter, the dye lasts longer on the hair.
  5. Safe procedure.


  1. This procedure is temporary, after a while it must be repeated.
  2. Hair doesn’t get rid of damage.
  3. High price.

What problems does lamination solve?

Hair lamination can have a beneficial effect on your hair for the following problems: dry and brittle hair, frizz, increased electrification, split ends.

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Types of hair lamination

There are several types of hair lamination:

Classic – each hair is wrapped with a special cellulose film, which creates a glossy effect.

Biolamination – like the classic one, however, a composition based on natural cellulose is used here, so the procedure is more expensive

Photolamination – creation of a protective film that saturates the hair with vitamins and formulations containing plant extracts.

Glazing (color lamination) – hair coloring and creation of a protective film.

Hot and cold lamination

Hot lamination – the procedure helps to achieve the longest effect, unlike other types of lamination. The specialist uses a thermal device after applying the product to the hair so that it is better absorbed into the curls.

Cold lamination – with this technique, the master does not use additional tools, and the composition is absorbed into the hair on its own. The only thing is that the effect of this approach does not last so long.

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How long does the lamination effect last?

Hair lamination is not done forever: the effect of the procedure lasts from one to two months, and it must be repeated from time to time. The duration of the effect depends on many factors, the main of which is proper care.

How to care for hair after lamination

Proper hair care after lamination will help preserve the result of the procedure for a longer time.

Here are the basic rules for hair care:

  1. After the procedure, it is not recommended to wash your hair for two days.
  2. Do not use heating devices for styling (hairdryer, iron, etc.) for two days after the session.
  3. Choose a shampoo that’s packed with beneficial trace minerals. It is best to consult a professional.
  4. Look for balms that have UV filters.
  5. Use products that are designed for laminated hair.


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