Hair makeover: a glamorous mid-length for Camille


Camille has a thick hair and flexible. The material is pretty, devoid of any coloring, but its tapered hair is very damaged at the tips.
The objective: gain in glamor.


A bright brown:

To illuminate the hair, the colorist decides to create a subtle return from vacation effect with a “sun tie and dye ». It preserves the natural base by working only certain strands of the underside of the hair. He proceeds to a lightening of about three tones, and irregularly, for the most natural look possible. The result is very light and respects Camille’s brunette hue. Like a make-up, this trick gives softness to brown, without really changing its color. It just forms a veil of light. And whatever the direction of the hairstyle, the result is pretty, and the highlights soft.

A cut that boosts the volume :

Camille wanted to keep her length, so the hairdresser worked a degraded to smooth out irregularities in the cut that she had before. The rounded design of the lengths around the face counterbalances the fairly square lines of Camille’s jaw, the features are softened and her face appears less severe. Another advantage of this cut: it gives the impression of a greater hair mass, the hair is lighter and appears fuller.

The easy hairstyle:

The hairdresser prepares the lengths with a product that helps to draw loops. Then the hair is dried and brushed with a large round brush to be smooth and shiny. Be careful not to create volume at the roots, this would make it look too strict. The waves are then drawn with a curling iron, targeted only on the lengths and ends so that the hair remains flexible. The set is fixed with a flexible lacquer.

Good shopping:

Siren Waves HollyWood Waves, L’Oréal Professionnel, € 19.60.
– Curl nutri-activator cream, René Furterer, € 15.90.

Christmas Coleman

Direction Virginie de Tarlé
Coleman Christmas Photography
Make-up Aline Schmitt
Acknowledgments: Gérard, colorist and Laurent, hairdresser, from Maison Gérard Laurent, L’Oréal Professionnel Ambassadors, and Camille.

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