Hair push up: 3 steps for a quick effect

It doesn’t matter what hair: it can be short or long, curly or straight, but one thing is for sure – volume gives different types of hair an extra charm. For owners of hair completely devoid of volume, there are three ways that more than one woman have proven to cope with this hated problem in a matter of minutes, without resorting to the services of specialists.

Good old fleece

It has already become a habit not to trust the fleece, because carrying out such a procedure regularly, some unpleasant moments are possible: broken hair and tangles. But professional combing will not change the quality of the hair. But how to achieve volume on your own, at home? Brushed with an ordinary comb is the past century. For a more natural and attractive result, it is best to use a toothbrush. This way, the hair is hardly damaged. The technique is the same as with a comb: make a parting, comb the hair next to it near the roots, move the parting a centimeter – two to the side and repeat all the steps.


Root styling with corrugation has a similar effect. It is enough to walk along the base of the hairline with special tongs. Hairdressers and trichologists recommend the use of thermal protective agents to avoid deterioration and a dignified appearance.

Dry shampoo for volume

This method is suitable for those who are very late, as it only takes 5 minutes. You don’t have to wait until the roots of your hair are oily to try a new dry shampoo. It is worth testing it not only for its intended purpose. Applying dry shampoo to the roots immediately after blow-drying helps to add volume. It will absorb sebum, which is the main enemy of volumetric styling. It also lifts the roots without causing any damage to the hair. As a bonus – prolonging the feeling of freshness of the hair.

Dry shampoo

Drying upside down

Don’t underestimate this rudimentary way. After washing, you should lower your head down and dry your hair with a hairdryer. They will remember this position and gain additional volume. Thus, airiness and lightness are achieved. You may not completely dry your hair, for example, dry only the roots in this way and pull out the main length with a brush.

For a stronger effect, you can use special products for volumetric styling (foam or mousse). They play the role of a framework, consolidating the result. It should be remembered to be protected from the effects of temperatures above 80 degrees. Drying against the usual growth is also an effective way. Combining these two methods produces amazing results.

Drying upside down

Bulky styling is the envy of thousands of girls. But why envy if you can become an object of admiration! Natural splendor is not common, but it is easy to achieve it yourself, spending a minimum amount of time. A little effort will make any look unforgettable.

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