Hair removal in intimate areas

Hair removal in intimate areas has gained popularity and has become a widespread procedure not so long ago – in the last decades of the last century. The impetus for such a “fashion trend” in the world of beauty was the spread of open bikini swimwear. Tight panties forced the ladies to get rid of the growing vegetation on the body, while women most often resorted to using an ordinary razor. Now the fair sex has the opportunity to choose among a dozen methods of getting rid of hair in these areas, and the need for such a procedure is not even disputed.

What is the best way to remove hair in the intimate area?

Epilation of the bikini area is not just a beautiful tribute to fashion, it is also a hygienic procedure, so many men also strive to maintain the smoothness of such areas. But the question of the most preferred method of hair removal is still open. Whether to carry out the procedure at home or in the salon of a beautician, carefully or radically, with folk remedies or innovative technologies, with material costs or cheap is a purely private affair of each person. Moreover, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, there is no specific recipe for the ideal hair removal method – this is an individual matter.

Ways of depilation of intimate areas, their pros and cons.

  1. Hair removal with a razor… The most common and easiest way to remove hair. In this case, certain rules should be followed. The skin for the procedure should be steamed, and it is necessary to use special means on it – gels, foams or shaving creams. To avoid irritation and ingrown hairs, shaving your intimate area is best done diagonally rather than against hair growth. Disadvantages: High risk of cutting, rapid regrowth of hair, severe irritation, new coarse hairs. Advantages: quick and painless procedure, wide range of machines.
  2. Waxing (Hot and cold waxing methods)… This method requires: wax and a spatula, as well as special fabric strips that will help remove the wax along with the hair. So, hot wax is applied to the skin, and a piece of fabric is applied on top in the direction of hair growth, after which this strip is torn off, leaving completely smooth skin under it. But for a successful procedure, the hair in the bikini area must be longer than 5 mm. And the fabric itself should be torn off very sharply, in one motion, and only against hair growth. The day before the procedure, beauticians recommend scrubbing the area. The advantages of the method are a long-term result of the procedure, as well as a slowdown in hair growth, which, moreover, lighten and thin out. The disadvantages include severe irritation and high pain of this procedure. With cold hair removal, the girl uses ready-made wax strips. She warms them up with her hands, and then applies them to the desired area, after which she sharply tears them against hair growth. The skin is prepared in the same way as before the hot method.
  3. Epilator… For depilation, modern women choose the most fashionable models of epilators – with a cooling effect or devices that can work in water. But for long and thick hairs it is better not to use an epilator. To eliminate the possibility of ingrowth, it is imperative to peel before the procedure, and to reduce pain, the skin should be as steamed as possible. The advantage will be the result that remains for several weeks and the hairs that become thinner. In addition, each new treatment reduces pain levels. The disadvantages are still irritation and pain.
  4. Hair removal creams… Simple and one of the most humane methods of vegetation control. The cream should only be well distributed over the hair in the intimate area, wait a few minutes, and then remove it with a special spatula. It is best to test the product a little before using it. The disadvantages are that the cream has a specific smell, it can cause allergies, and besides, it has low effectiveness in large areas with hairs. The advantages are the absence of trauma to the skin, simplicity and accessibility, no pain and long-term results. Hair becomes thinner over time.
  5. Sugar hair removal (Shugaring)… Epilation takes place with a special sugar paste that can be used both at home and in the salon. The paste is made from sugar, water and lemon juice. This thick syrup is applied to the desired area, and after a while it is abruptly torn off in one motion against hair growth. It is important to remember that such a paste should be cooked correctly, of the correct consistency. Depilation will be most effective on short or medium hair lengths. The rest can be microwaved over time for reuse. The advantages are the complete absence of irritation and ingrowth, the scrub effect and easy tolerance, as well as a result that will last for a long time. The negative points are pain that will decrease over time.

How to remove intimate hair permanently?

How to remove intimate hair permanently

Modern procedures in the salon can help a girl to forget about the problem of unwanted hairs once and for all. Such methods cost a lot, but they give amazing results. In addition, they practically do not cause pain.

  • Photoepilation. The specialist acts on the hair follicles with powerful pulses of light, after which they become very hot and die. The desired effect comes after several procedures. Contraindications include oncology and skin diseases, as well as heart disease and diabetes.
  • Laser epilation… The most effective way to get rid of hair permanently. Such a device acts very carefully on the hair follicles, and the effect can be noticed immediately. In order for the result to be preserved forever, several sessions should be passed.
  • Electrolysis… At the time of the procedure, thin needles are passed to the hair, through which they act on the hairs with an electric discharge. It is an effective method but is not recommended for women with sensitive skin, infections and heart disease.

How to do hair removal in the intimate area yourself at home?

If a woman wants to remove hair in the intimate area forever at home, proven folk methods will come to her aid.

  1. Walnut is a very popular remedy for hair loss. Namely – its green fruit with juicy and young shell. This soft shell is rubbed on a fine grater, releasing juice, and it is with this that the intimate area is treated. The important thing is that when the hairs are removed, the skin turns brown. This pigment is then very difficult to remove, you have to wait a long time. For this reason, this method can only be used in the winter when the bikini area is covered.
  2. In another case, you can use the shell of an already ripe walnut, which is ground into flour, and then diluted with a small amount of water. Such gruel will help remove unwanted hairs in intimate places. There is also another method of working with such a shell: it is first burned, and then a mixture is made from ash. Apply the product in a similar way. You will need to use this remedy quite regularly, until the hairs stop growing.
  3. Potassium permanganate is also a simple and convenient way to deal with hairs, which shows effective results. A saturated solution is required, and the procedure itself is best done immediately after a shower. Many women emphasized the effectiveness of this method. But removal should be done with extreme caution, so as not to overdry delicate and delicate skin. In addition, as you know, potassium permanganate is also famous for its coloring effect.
  4. Nettle seeds. These plants contain a variety of chemicals that attack hair follicles. For the procedure, freshly ground seeds or a tincture of them are perfect. So, the seeds will need to be crushed well, and then mixed with vegetable oil. Such an infusion should be made within a month, and then it can be used for depilation. Most girls notice hair fading after three weeks of regular use.

How to care for the skin in the bikini area after depilation?

How to care for skin in the bikini area after depilation

Any method of skin care after hair removal should initially be aimed at removing irritation from it, as well as at the complete restoration of the skin after mechanical action on it:

  • after an epilation session, a woman should use special creams or ointments that will relieve irritation; baby care products are also suitable;
  • magic ointment “Bepanten” will well restore the skin and heal any wounds;
  • once a week you should not forget about scrub – peeling will quickly and effectively remove dead and keratinized cells from the skin surface – this is an excellent prevention of hair ingrowth;
  • if the irritation is so strong that wounds and bruises appear, a cool compress will do;
  • in addition, the skin needs daily softening and moisturizing.

Whatever means a woman chooses to combat excess vegetation, she should remember that she is dealing with the organs of the reproductive system. Therefore, you should completely and completely eliminate the risk of trauma to this zone, bringing in an infection or allergy. After all, external inflammation of the genitals very quickly flows into internal ones, which can quickly lead to sad consequences. Great care should be taken during the procedure at home, as well as pay attention to the sterility of the instruments in the salon.

Hair removal in the bikini area: reviews

Barbara writes:

I had to do 4 photoepilation procedures and I forgot about the problem of excess hair in intimate areas forever. The procedures cost a lot, but they turned out to be very effective and practically painless. I am very glad!

Adelaide writes:

A great way to forget about hairs is electrolysis. The cost, of course, is impressive, but the result pleased both me and my husband. Now I don’t have to worry about how attractive I am.

Valentine writes:

I always use a potassium permanganate solution for hair removal at home. It effectively helps me to overcome unnecessary hairs in any places on the body. True, I use this tool very carefully so as not to overdry the skin once again.


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