Hair rules! 5 colors that will make you look younger even without makeup

Golden chestnut

Cold shades of hair are extremely rare in nature. That is why they look unnatural and always add age. Warm colors are another matter. For example, a golden chestnut, which looks as natural as possible, does not go into red or red. Even natural brunettes are advised by stylists to dye their hair brown to look younger.


Black is always plus 10 years. But if you are a hot brunette and are not ready to drastically change your hair color, just add blonde strands, as did Gingerbread Chopra. You won’t be able to do this on your own, but a good stylist will distribute the lightening as naturally as possible – on the face and along the length of the hair. A spicy and warm color like cinnamon sticks will add volume to dark hair and freshness to the face.

Caramel blond

Even if you’ve always opted for colder shades, as you age, icy tones can accentuate the lack of volume and make your face look tired. Ash blond goes, as a rule, to very young girls, for whom it is clear that this is not gray hair. Here is a beautiful solution for blondes – caramel blonde. The warm shade creates a softer and more delicate look like Nicole Kidman!


Stylists have learned to paint “kisses of the sun” or “babylights” on their hair. that is, the burned-out strands that little girls have after the holidays. Hairdressers believe that highlights on the hair soften facial features, and light strands visually add volume, which is lost with age. See how they go Jennifer Aniston.


The main rule of anti-age coloring is to focus on naturalness. The task of a hair stylist is to make your hair look as if you have never had gray hair and have retained your natural color. No bright colors, abrupt transitions and contrast with the exterior. Prefer shatush over highlights and ombre. With this technique, the color smoothly stretches along the entire length of the hair and even you yourself will not notice this transition from a dark shade to a light one. You will get the effect of naturally burnt hair after a couple of years of growing hair – just like Sofia Vergara. The difference between the ends and roots can only be noticed by attaching them to each other. Coffee is considered a classic color for the shatush technique; it is suitable for both blondes and brunettes.


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