Hair straighteners: how to choose the best straightener

Choose the size of your straightener

This is the first of the criteria to take into account in your quest hair straightener perfect. A choice that will be made according to the length and the nature of your hair. If these are short to square, a very narrow model (less than 2 cm wide) will be ideal. The in-between – whose plates measure 2 to 3 cm – will suit medium to long hair that are not too thick. When the large plates (more than 4.5 cm), they will be perfect to smooth easily long and / or thick hair, whether straight or curly.

our top 5 favorite hair straighteners.

The importance of straightener coating

This is also an important choice criterion and several options are available to you. First of all there are the ceramic plates, able to distribute the heat in a very uniform way so as not to risk weaken the fibers. They are therefore particularly recommended for dry, colored or weakened hair. Sometimes the fragile ceramic is protected by an aluminum plate. Ultra-efficient but less respectful of fibers, titanium plates allow rapid smoothing. In addition, they last very well over time. Finally, you can also find plates made of tourmaline, a semi-precious stone. As it is naturally composed of ions, it is ideal for fighting against static electricity and bringing maximum shine to dull and coarse hair. Some plates are equipped with a mixture of materials in order to take advantage of the advantages of each material.

The delicate choice of the temperature of a straightener

It is by making sure to use the one that is recommended for the nature of your hair that you will limit breakage. Some hair straightener do not offer an adjustment function, as they are designed to lock in at a reasonable temperature. For other types of straighteners, use a simple temperature variator and respect the settings recommended by the brand.

The different technologies offered on a straightener

Are you in a hurry? If you can’t afford to wait until your hair is completely dry before using your straightener, bet on one of the few models to offer une fonction wet & dry. In other words, a straightener that will protect the fibers while straightening, even if they are wet. There are also some models that work with steam. Not only will the latter protect the fibers from dehydration, but the smoothing obtained will last longer. Is your hair thin, dull or has the annoying tendency to be electric? Choose a model with ionic technology. During the entire use of the device, it releases negative ions which eliminate the static electricity generated by the positive ions. In addition, they will be much brighter.

Some additional options for the straightener

They are rarer, but some models of hair straighteners have removable combs which are placed all around the plates. They can facilitate straightening of hair that is difficult to discipline by separating the strands well. Depending on the configuration of the place in which you will be using your straightener, you may also be interested in cord length, which can be up to 3 m. A rotary model, which follows the movement of the hair straightener in all positions is also a plus. Finally, be aware that depending on the brand, your hair straightener will not necessarily come with a transport kit ora thermo-protective sleeve.

The right way to use your straightener

If your straightener suggests it, start by adjusting the temperature for your hair. They are thin, colored or already damaged, bet on a low temperature. If they’re thick and / or curly, you’ll need a higher temperature to tame them. While waiting for the device to be operational, spray a thermo-protective treatment all over your hair to minimize heat damage. Starting with the hair below, take strands about 5-6 cm wide and not very thick. With one hand, pass a fine comb over the wick to untangle it and with the other pass the iron over the entire length. Secure the movement by ironing the comb.

Your straightener is of curved shape ? Know that you can use it for curl your hair. To do this, run the wick over the plates then, once halfway up, wrap the wick around the device for a few seconds before gently loosening the device so as not to break the waves obtained. Once all your styled hair, take in the palm of one hand a pressure of oil or hair serum to nourish and shine your half-lengths and ends.

Models of straighteners tested and approved by the editorial staff

Lisseur Keratin Therapy – S8590, Remington, 36 €

If it is possible to adjust the temperature of the device yourself (from 160 to 230 °), it takes care of the grain and, thanks to a sensor integrated in the plate, evaluates the humidity naturally present in the the hair to adjust the temperature and take better care of the fibers. Unlike many of its competitors, the device comes with a heat-resistant pouch, which avoids the risk of burns and can be transported without waiting for it to cool.

Straight Care Hair Straightener – HP8321 / 20, Philips, € 15.99

If its plates are of a classic width, they are long (10 cm), in order to smooth more hair in a single pass. Practice too, they lock after use to limit the risk of burns.

Platinum White hair straightener, ghd, € 193.10

As its temperature varies between 175 and 185 °, he takes care of the hair colored and / or sensitized like no other. In the absence of a pocket, it is delivered with a thermo-protective tip allowing it to be transported without risk. Discover the results of our test.

Lisseur Optiliss Keratine & Shine Infusion plates – SF3122C0, Calor For Elite, 19,74 €

It has an exclusive coating combining keratin with tourmaline to nourish and boost the shine of the fibers. It is one of the few models to have floating plates, which adapt to the thickness of each strand and perfectly follow the movement to facilitate brushing.

Steam Straightener I-Pro 230 Steam ST395, Babyliss, 95 €

Thanks to the steam it diffuses (with 2 different pressure levels) and its ceramic and titanium plates, curly hair does not stay that way for long. Indeed, thanks to this, the fibers are more relaxed and a significant bonus, they are better hydrated.

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