Haircuts 2020: all the new trends

In September we go to the hairdresser with the same expectation with which we expect the holidays in August. Target: practical advice on hair cuts 2020. You make an appointment to get rid of split ends and to renew the color oxidized by the sun, but also because when you start again you always aim for change, starting from one’s own image.

Medium cuts with movement

To read scaling invisibles that give movement and volume are the rule for i haircuts 2020. This fall we wear bob with pointed ends, lengths irregular and very light textures. The line adapts to the shape of the face, but the goal is to give movement to the front tufts by removing the static from the cut and making it versatile in its aesthetics.

The inspiration for this haircut is the model Kaia Gerber and its chin bob that from brown has first declined in platinum blonde and recently in the pink version, thanks to the skilful procedure performed by the hair stylist Guido Palau.

How to survive bleaching and nuance changes in such a short time? With the right care at home in the meantime restructures the hair from the inside. The Kt Complex present in the formula of the products of the line Repair di Screen, for example, it is an internal reconstruction system for damaged and sensitized hair.

Screen Repair, Repair Kit consisting of Stage1, 2 and 3.

The new look sported by the Princess Charlène of Munich it is an anticipation of 2020 haircuts and specifically of autumn trends. On the occasion of the first stage of the Tour de France in Nice, he showed his change of image: a helmet pulled off on the tips accompanied by a bold short fringe, fresh cut. A new hairlook statement with a rock mood, just enough to convey grit even to expressiveness.

Princess Charlène of Munich

© Tim de Waele

The short and courageous Charlène fringe will be flanked by the wispy fringe, that is, thin that opens in multiple directions. This fringe pleases everyone because it does not weigh down the features. With a French style, it evokes the french bob adapted and revived by hairstylist Sal Salcedo in recent seasons.

Modern Shag

Medium-long, lo shag revisited it wears disheveled, “lived in”, Thanks to the stratification of scaling which starts from the top and facilitates the texture wavy, messy and always bulky.

The word “volume” is among the most searched for in terms of hair, but often the products to be applied are not enough. The new brush ghd Rise promises to lift even the finest hair from the roots, with an amplified volume that gives shape and body to the cut. This is thanks to ghd’s ultra-zone SMART technology, which extends along the 32mm shaft, intelligently sensing and predicting hair needs during styling. Furthermore, the soft nylon bristles they are optimized for closer contact to add volume from the roots and glide smoothly to the tips.

Haircuts 2020: the short

For September the salons Toni & Guy they propose a short cut with a rounded shape that evokes, at least in the lines, the shape of the helmet for cyclist, beauty transposition of the fashion trend of cycling shorts. “The hair frames the face leaving the feeling as if it is being moved by wind. The cut was created with a classic graduation at the front of the nape, while the faded lengths frame the face caressing it. The rear scaling recalls softness and versatility creating a contrast with the front ”, they explain.


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