Haircuts for long hair 2020

Naturalness, curls, girls with bangs – that’s what will conquer the world next year. What do experts say about fashion trends?

  • Texture – new “our everything”, and this is great news!

I foresee a steady trend for the natural structure of wavy and curly hair not only next year, but in principle for the foreseeable future. Why destroy beauty with an iron, if elastic curls and light waves are aesthetically perfect with a minimum of styling products. Some texture without a styler is also available for straight hair – multi-stage fine highlighting with several shades of natural colors will help you with this. Haircuts with textural elements will emphasize the depth of such coloring: visually, the strands will become lighter and more voluminous.

  • Dominant style – naturalness, which means calm lines, dynamism and rejection of clear cuts are again favorites.
  • Thick bangs gradually capture the hearts of trendsetters. The length, like the shape, varies indefinitely. Already, fashion icons wear bangs in the spirit of Brigitte Bardot, and the stylists of the fall-winter 2020 fashion shows liked the bold ultra-short, but also thick strands falling on the forehead.
haircuts for long hair 2020 photo 1
haircuts for long hair 2020 photo

We present a guide for 2020 on stylish and fashionable options for the usual women’s haircuts for long hair – with photos and expert tips.

Until recently, Instagram was the kingdom of straightened hair of dizzying length with an even cut, but the trend in texture has made its own adjustments. This year, the cascade is becoming the star, and the multi-layered haircut looks ever easier, which, when styled on brushing, gives the impression of natural relaxed curls in the lower third of the length.

haircuts for long hair 2020 photo 3
haircuts for long hair 2020 photo 2

In 2019, the whole world celebrated the anniversary of the series Friends, but the image of Jennifer Aniston with a ladder is a thing of the past. Our experts advise you to forget this word, because now the haircut looks completely different!

Despite the fact that the ladder is already a museum exhibit, stylists now have a lot of references to this example of the classics of the 90s. In a modern interpretation, the accent in the haircut is placed on the strands framing the face, creating the effect of regrown bangs. The feathers of the ladder were replaced by soft layers, the task of which is to make the straight shape of the hair flowing and more textured. In this case, light graduation starts below the jawline or slightly above and is almost invisible, but thanks to this technique, the haircut looks stylish and at the same time artless in a good sense of the word.

Usually this haircut Recommended for girls with shoulder-length hair, but its popularity irreversibly entails versatility: everyone wants shaggy and everyone will get it. Cute shaggy suits any type of appearance and lifestyle, but conservative fashionistas will especially like the shag in the 2020 version: now the chaotic airiness is replaced by lighter waviness, which is easy to create even on very straight strands.

Keep your hair straight like silk, but the bottom third in 2020 requires more naturalness and volume. This effect is achieved by cutting the layers from the shoulder line and below, and the cut of the bottom edge, as noted by the SalonSecret experts, has every right to strive for horizontal, or pretend “fox tail».

Such haircuts suit the owners of curly hair, so the time comes for a strong friendship with a styler and thermal protection. And best of all, in our opinion, Kate Beckinsale wears this haircut – with relaxed curls and a warm reddish balayage.

haircut with shaved temples long hair
haircut with shaved temples for long hair

This option is not for everyone, but if the spirit of rock and roll or ethnicity is not alien to you, and in clothes you prefer ultra-fashionable street style, then remember the main trends of total asymmetry on long hair:

  • only one temple is shortened, but to any desired level;
  • a regrown hedgehog on a shaved area is now not only allowed, but very, very welcome;
  • for brunettes, a shaved temple is self-sufficient, and for blondes, color contrast will not hurt: for example, darkening of the shortened part of the hair.

So the most extravagant haircut of 2019 in 2020 turns into the quintessence of comfort.

To cut or not to cut is the question. If you are thinking about it more and more often, make up your mind, in the new year there will be bangs! How should they look? Here are four ideas for every taste.

Straight bangs and haircut for long hair
Straight bangs and haircut for long hair

Dense thick bangs are good because they can be laid almost flat and strictly, or you can “scatter” it with your fingers with a drop of wax for styling – and voilà, the image becomes charming in the blink of an eye. In a new reading, such a bang falls below the eyebrows and is slightly milled along the cut.

The bangs in the style of the great Brigitte Bardot are still lush, but longer than we are used to and tapering towards the ends. In the everyday version, it goes down almost to the chin in two volume waves. This length leaves an endless field for experimentation with the styler, and if desired, it can be smoothly laid on one side – another flashback from the 90s.

By the way, Netflix star Grace Van Patten has already acquired a curtain bang. It’s time for us too!

The hit of the fall-winter 2020 season promises to stay with us for a long time: the ultra-short bangs fell in love with stylists at past fashion shows and immediately “went to the people.” Recall that this haircut element is the brainchild of high fashion, where the models are almost incorporeal. On oval and triangular thin faces, such bangs look much more appropriate than on round or angular ones.

As dynamics reigns supreme, carefully profiled bangs in all their variety are becoming trendy in 2020: bilateral and asymmetrical, elongated straight and very short. The only requirement for them today is density.

Inspiration from the nineties did not pass by the haircuts with bangs, however, there is no talk of rock and roll extreme torn strands in casual. Even a large difference between the length of the strands at the parting and the outer edge of the bangs softens, the shapes are definitely smoother than in the 90s. At the same time, street fashion dictates more audacity and confrontation with public taste. Young people prefer a sharp graduation on the verge of a foul – and in their own right.

long hair care
How to maintain hair length

What to do in order not only to maintain luxurious hair length, but also to increase it? SalonSecret experts know how to make this rather time-consuming and complex process easier!

  • The most important condition for growing length is care with strengthening functions. The entire gamut – from shampoo to leave-in – should be aimed at reducing breakage and split ends. Only then the need to visit the master to trim the ends will disappear by itself, which means that the length will not suffer. Especially for this purpose, the brand Redken a full-fledged line appeared Extreme Lengthwhich included shampoo, conditioner and sealer. Daily use of the products helps to achieve maximum hair growth – up to 15 cm per year – by strengthening hair along its entire length. The range is based on biotin, which strengthens, fights breakage and prevents split ends.
  • Using special scalp treatments can help reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. Our experts advise you to try ampoules L’Oréal Professionnel Aminexil Advanced anti-hair loss and serum Serioxyl Denser Hair, the course with which will give you 1600 new hairs, strong and strong. In addition, there are many recipes for homemade masks, for example with burdock oil. True, the effect of such funds is always unpredictable.
  • To reduce the risk of brittleness, you should either completely abandon hot styling (which is almost unrealistic), or start using special thermal protective agents that minimize the aggressive effect of a hair dryer or curling iron on the hair. Some of them also act as care. So, cream L’Oréal Pro Absolut Repair reduces fragility due to phytokeratins, ceramides and lactic acid in the composition, and the spray Matrix Miracle Creator perfectly smoothes hair and removes frizz.

We learned everything about fashionable haircuts in 2020 on long hair, but how to style them in stylish hairstyles? As easy as shelling pears: add dynamic volume with mousse, enhance texture with special sprays – and shine!

The correct styling of a multi-layered haircut for brushing will leave the hairstyle airy and light, regardless of the thickness of the hair. And the main role here is played not so much by skillful hands as by good, high-quality styling. Redken Guts Provides medium flexible hold, cascade curls and other textured haircuts get a charge of healthy shine and elasticity for the whole day. And the main thing is the volume, it is really impressive.

For naturally curly hair, it is more important to deal with frizzy hair. In your case, SalonSecret experts advise you to take a closer look at the mousse Kérastase Curl Ideal. The formula with prokeratin, elastin and polymers evens out the porous structure of curls and forms a neat curl.

A quick way to emphasize hair structure or create texture literally out of the blue is to use sprays with sea salt or glucose.

Texturing spray Tecni.Art Constructor, L'Oréal Professionnel

Texturing spray Tecni.Art Constructor, L’Oréal Professionnel

But this tool for styling on thermal tools is slightly different from the famous salt sprays. Tecni.Art Constructor from the range of professional styling L’Oreal Professional also creates airy volume and textures the strands well. But the real magic begins precisely with the temperature effect of a hair dryer, curling iron and their counterparts. Thermal protection is already there, and very decent.

In the new season, healthy shine of hair becomes the very little thing that sets the mood for the whole image. It doesn’t matter if your hair, due to its condition or structure, does not reflect light well enough. The beautiful shine will be enhanced by lamination or styling. New in 2019 – spray Tecni.Art Ring Light – it was invented just for this purpose: it is applied locally (on bangs or smooth comb), fixes very slightly and gives a beautiful shine to the hair without feeling sticky strands.


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