Haircuts: our ideas for changing your head without cutting too much

Change your head without cutting too much: opt for a gradient

You have the long hair or mi-longs ? You can very easily wake up your haircut by subtly degrading it. If you have thin hair, you can degrade a few strands at the edges of the face to give a nice movement to your hair without reducing its volume. Do you have thick hair? Fall for a little more worked gradient in the mass which will lighten the volume at the roots and give more movement to your hair. Ditto if your hair is wavy or curly: a nice gradient well done will restore tone and spring to your waves.

Change your head without cutting too much: fall for bangs

Whether you have a bob, a short cut or long hair, bangs are the perfect solution to change your head without totally transform your haircut. You can opt for straight and full bangs, but also for longer, more tapered bangs, for curtain bangs or even shorter retro bangs. Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice so that your bangs adapt to the best to the shape of your face and that it fits perfectly to your haircut.

Change head without cutting too much: squared

Do you have shoulder-length hair? Shorten your hair a few inches to show a more dynamic square cut. The change won’t be too sudden for you, but the effect will be more modern and trendy. You can, for example, opt for a long square of type ” lob » or for a long gradient square. Do you have a short haircut? Let your lengths grow back a few months to show off a dynamic short bob all in motion. A very glamorous haircut that will highlight your head and your face.

Find all our ideas of ideal haircuts to change your head without cutting too much


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