Haircuts with bangs: short, medium and long hair

Nothing can change the image like haircuts with bangs. This hairstyle detail is a win-win element that complements the image, hides flaws and shifts the emphasis on advantages.

Fashionable women’s haircuts with bangs

The haircut is the main detail that sets the mood for the image. If there is a mess on your head, then no dress and makeup can hide this. Consider what haircuts with bangs are.

For medium hair

Medium length is universal for most hairstyles.

Layered with straight bangs

For shoulder length, multi-layered hairstyles are suitable that correct the oval, change the image, giving style and grooming. The haircut has the upper strands slightly shorter than the lower ones. A smooth transition is characteristic. Layered models give volume and lightness. At the same time, they are suitable for all face shapes.

Long bob with beveled bangs

This haircut was noticed by Coco Chanel cabaret dancers. She liked the extravagant trendsetter and she introduced her into her corporate style. The model is versatile, comfortable and looks on girls regardless of age and type of appearance.

Long bangs

The haircut was invented in Ancient Egypt by the beautiful Cleopatra. It does not require maintenance and styling, it is considered basic and allows you to create hairstyles in accordance with the image.


The haircut cascade is experiencing a rebirth. The author is the English stylist Vidal Sasun. “Cascade” with bangs looks on hair of any length. It differs from similar haircuts in that the shortest length is at the back of the head. The lower the layer, the longer the strands. The greatest volume is created at the crown, and the length is in layers.


The nuance of such a graduated haircut is the layers cut at different levels. The crown is cut short, steps are obtained below. Face framing – ladder. Thin hair becomes visually fuller and more voluminous. This haircut retains its original length.


The haircut frames the face with an oval outline. Owners of an elongated shape, a pointed chin, it is better not to experiment with such a haircut. She will highlight unwanted nuances. The same applies to women who have age-related changes in the oval and double chin. The haircut gives the image a youthful ease, softens the contours. The shoulder length brings accents while eliminating unnecessary bulk.

Aurora (Italian)

This haircut appeared 30 years ago. Created for medium length hair by 70s stylist Arland Tossey, it is based on careful thinning. The second name is Italian. At the top of the head, the master cuts short. The rest of the hair remains unchanged. This maintains the original length. The mass is carefully milled, and the hair resembles a cascade, becomes voluminous, seems thick. Suitable for women regardless of age and type of appearance. For young girls, this haircut option gives brightness and confidence. Older women use the model to hide age defects. A haircut does not involve frequent trimming and retains its shape well over time.


The haircut appeared in the mid-70s. The combination of casualness and naturalness forms an unobtrusive romantic image. At the same time, the styling will suit the business style. Thinning of the ends is required. The classic version is performed with an elongated straight bangs. Indispensable for hair growth.


Often referred to as “tomboy”, this model is suitable for brave girls with a pronounced rebellious spirit. The haircut has a lengthening at the back of the head. The upper part looks like a beanie. The haircut is uneven, thinning enhances the torn effect. Bangs play an important role in this case. It can be of several types: straight, with a beveled edge, short torn, milled.

It is not considered age-related, does not go well with a business bow.


This retro shoulder-length haircut is back at Olympus height. Ideal for straight, thick hair. They are formed in a rounded contour, with a smooth transition from the bangs to the back of the head. The lines are feminine, soft, but clear.

Short haircuts

Short haircuts are comfortable, creative and versatile. Let’s consider the main types.


The classic square is up to the neck. Hair has a clear outline. There is a straight bang. The haircut is almost a century old, but it hardly changes: the masters add accents from time to time. For example, elongation, graduation and asymmetry are now popular.

Bob with long bangs

Differs in clarity of lines, sharp contours and splendor. Allows you to create a lot of styling on its basis. Suitable for women of any age and face shape.

Pixie with elongated and oblique option

A fashionable haircut with lengthening does not require maintenance and will suit any age. Styling helps to change the image. Asymmetric options with bangs look interesting. They are suitable for creating evening looks and business style. The open neckline adds softness, boldness and defenselessness to the look.


This model looks on petite slender women. She creates a youthful, perky image with notes of mystery. It has a large volume at the back of the head. This is achieved by graduating the strands. The hair on the temples is close to the head. The haircut is significantly rejuvenating. Stylists advise women over 40 to use it in creating an image.


It was first introduced to the public by Vidal Sassoon. A characteristic feature is the bangs, due to the circular projection, turns into a smooth elongation at the back of the head. A haircut largely depends on the details, the hair is cut in layers and literally by a millimeter. The elegant strands, created by the skilled hands of the master, emphasize the business image.


The haircut is performed both in classic and creative versions. The latter provides for asymmetry or torn edges. The haircut gives pomp, adds lightness and spontaneity to the image.

On the leg

All models of haircuts on a leg combine strands that are very shortly cut in the nape, which may or may not be covered by the upper part of the hair. Visually it has a “leg”, hence the name. This option shifts the focus to the bare neck.

Open nape and textured bangs (or shaved whiskey)

Shaved whiskey and open nape look extreme. The contrast with the elongated crown enhances the effect. With short cuts, such as a pixie model, the open whiskey is not so striking. If the main haircut is a bob or bob, then you can shift the emphasis to one side by resorting to asymmetry. Suitable for young creative women, dissonant with a business image.

Women’s haircuts for long hair

Haircuts for long hair have features. Smooth cut lines create soft, delicate looks. If you need to add volume, then sharp length transitions are used. You need to start directly from the top of the head. Consider popular models.

Cascade with straight bangs

The haircut will suit all types. In addition, a cascade with straight bangs will add volume to thin strands. The technique of creation involves cutting hair at several levels.

Round bangs on long, straight hair

Such bangs will adorn a young girl with a round or triangular face. So a wide forehead is well hidden and cheekbones are emphasized. Stylists recommend avoiding excessive thickness if the woman is overweight. For ladies of a thin physique, heavy thick bangs will be appropriate.

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The cutting technique includes straight horizontal cuts. Hair looks cut in steps. “Ladder” adds airiness and spontaneity to the look. Styling methods allow you to use the model in combination with a business image. The haircut is suitable for young girls and middle-aged women.

Layered haircut with side parting bangs

Multi-layered haircuts, for example, a cascade, do not lose their relevance. This grading gives volume and lightness. Used on overly thick or fine hair. This option corrects the shape of the face, bringing it closer to the oval.

Layered haircut

The stepped shape is achieved by gradually cutting the hair layers. Thus, the appearance of volume is created. Owners of thin strands need to pay attention to this look. Excessively thick hair is smoothed out and takes on a stable shape, which makes layered haircuts suitable for carriers of fluffy hair. The option is optimal for both mature women and young ladies. The stepped shape helps to improve the appearance, shifting the emphasis to dignity. The haircut is thoughtfully careless, which emphasizes the grooming of its owner.

The relevance of bangs

Haircuts with bangs are relevant among ladies of any age. This option is suitable for women who want to look different, but do not dare to make drastic changes. The master will advise the type of bangs according to age, hair structure, face shape, type.

Types of bangs

Distinguish in length and shape. Let’s take a closer look at what they are.

By lenght

The length of the bangs affects how the girl looks. By directing or diverting attention from the eyes, you can achieve the desired result. Choose the length according to your goals and don’t forget about convenience.


A bang is called short, which ends above the brow ridges. Cuts in a straight line. Emphasizes the youth of the girl, making her look innocent and defenseless. Suitable for young ladies with flawless skin.


Can cover the face. There are many styling options, but they require skill. Looks perfect on long hair.


A versatile look that suits most hairstyles. Popular with both schoolgirls and ladies of Balzac age. Combines with extravagant youth bows, strict dress code.


Reaches the eyes, while stretching the shape of the face. Suitable for young women and ladies over 50.

By form

Bangs are an endless source of variation. This is how a complete image is created, giving it harmony. Let’s consider the most common forms.


This is a classic that allows you to shift the focus to the eyes. It can smoothly transform into a mass of hair in the temporal zone. If you need to make the look mysterious, then straight bangs will do the job. Ideal for voluminous hair. Stylists do not recommend choosing this shape for women with a square face.


It is cut along an oblique line, from one temple to another. It will successfully correct any face shape in the desired direction, regardless of hair length. Oblique bangs have been at the top of fashion trends for more than 2 years.


Looks perky, easy to fit. It looks equally good on hair regardless of length and density. Does not harmonize with a strict dress code.


Corrects the shape of the face. Suitable for short and medium hair lengths.


Looks good on hairstyles below the shoulders. The master cuts the strands in an arc. Chubby girls will visually make their face elongated. This model will not work for owners of a triangular and square shape.


It can be of various lengths. Parting can be straight or oblique. Both options add romance, vulnerability, and look feminine.


Curly curls are a gift of fate that brings a certain amount of fun. Does not match a strict dress code. Relevant for young ladies. When choosing bangs, pay attention to the elasticity of the curls.


Chaotically thinned strands will introduce a casual look. Looks advantageous on straight and wavy hair of any length. Graduation harmonizes all types of appearance. The angularity of the face softens, and the round can lengthen.


The bangs below the eyebrows, splitting on the sides of the face into two parts, appeared in the distant 60s. This season is back in fashion. Combines with bob, straight long hair and medium length haircuts. It is easy to lay, suitable for many girls.


It is cut figuratively, does not have strict canons. Allows you to show maximum imagination and creativity. Needs maintenance, constant styling. Suitable for young creative people who are ready to experiment.


Thinning refreshes the look, playing on the flaws in appearance. The advantage of choosing is given to medium or long strands. It looks airy, voluminous. Rejuvenates the face. Suitable for carriers of not thick hair.

Korean style

Clear lines are striking in brevity. Designed for straight, thick, coarse hair. Girls with a round face should get this haircut. Extra long tapered strands make your hair look fuller. Recommended for ladies who have insufficient root volume.


Cuts in a straight line. You don’t need skills to style curls. Youth bangs will refresh the look and add attractiveness.

Advantages and disadvantages of haircuts with bangs

Initially, bangs were made to remove hair from the face, that is, a purely practical goal was pursued. Centuries later, ladies began to cut strands from their foreheads in pursuit of aesthetics. Now with its help you can quickly, inexpensively change the style. The advantages include the individuality of the image, masking skin imperfections and age-related changes, the ability to give expressiveness to the look, the ability to correct the shape of the face.

The disadvantages include possible mistakes in the choice that will ruin the look.

How to choose a haircut with bangs

When choosing haircuts with bangs, you need to build on the everyday style of clothing, lifestyle and age and the availability of free time for styling. Turning to the master, you can choose your option without risk.


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