Hairdressing bring a touch of freshness


Credit: Franck Provost

The mind : A short, plunging square, devilishly feminine.

The cup : Tapered and structured, it is softened thanks to the rounded fringe at the temples.

WE love : The airy bangs that bring a touch of freshness to this very graphic cut.

Hairdressing Franck Provost


Credit: Eric Stipa

The mind : A trompe l’oeil cut, short at the top of the head, long at the back of the neck, for those who hesitate between long and short.

The cup : Completely degraded, it slightly covers the ears.

WE love : The picketing of the neck and the pale blonde that illuminates the cut.

Coiffure Eric Stipa


Credits: Camille Albane

The mind : A feminine cut inspired by the sixties, which softens the face.

The cup : A long square barely plunging, tapered at the jawbone to perfectly stick to the contours of the face.

WE love : The iced brown “brownie” color that wakes up this rather wise bob

Hairdressing Camille Albane


Credit: Fabio Salsa

The mind : An easy going cut, enlivened by a chocolate color that makes you want summer.

The cup : A layered and tapered shoulder length with spikes that frame the face. The hair is straightened to the maximum.

WE love : The lengths that fit perfectly around the face and the long lock that plays on the false bangs.

Coiffure Fabio Salsa

Male Female

Credit: Saint Algue

The mind : A chic footballer look with this ultra-long neck.

The cup: The bangs are deep and cut straight. The nape of the neck remains long, with layered ends to reduce the impression of volume.

WE love: The nutmeg color that illuminates the hair.

Saint Algue Hairstyle


Credit: Jean-Louis David

The mind : Sixties inspiration for this ultra-graphic cut, to be reserved for straight hair.

The cup : Worked with the clipper, it takes as a basis the length of the fringe. The ball effect is then obtained as a finish, on dry hair.

WE love : The barely veiled eccentricity of this long bowl cut.

Hairdressing Jean-Louis David

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