Hairdressing trends: our expert’s decryption

Back to school hairstyle trends

Credit: Nivea what are the hairstyle trends for the fall?

Sally Brooks: two trends can be identified. There is modern glamor where the idea is to create volume, not only in height but also on the sides, with even longer gradients that offer more movement and volume at the ends. Second trend: new geometry: we see a lot of bowl cuts. For example at the Philip Lim parade, all the girls had a bowl or boyish haircut.

The return of volume, a strong hairstyle trend

Credit: Nivea volume is making a comeback. What is your interpretation of it?

Sally Brooks : the volume is provided by the thickness of each fiber, the detachment from the root and the bridges between the hair, which are created by our styling products such as styling mousse or Volume Sensation mist. The volume is amplified with a lot of shine and gloss.

A stylized hairstyle, what is it?

Credit: Nivea what is a stylized hairstyle for you?

Sally Brooks : the rising trends are also gaining volume, reminiscent of retro styles from the 20s to the 40s. The top of the head is flatter sometimes but with waves and volume around the cheeks. Accessories like ’40s bun nets and Alice’s headbands are also going to be on trend.

What is a hairstyle trend?

Credits: Sally Brooks for Nivea what are the criteria today for defining a hairstyle trend?

Sally Brooks : fashion is influenced by many factors today: lifestyle, celebrities, social climate etc …
Hairdressing trends in particular can be massively influenced by new products or devices. For example, straightening irons have allowed women to create hairstyles that they never could have achieved before.

Each hair length has its own hairstyle trend

Credit: Nivea : what do you recommend as a trend for long hair? Buckles ? The courts?

Sally Brooks : for long hair, I recommend focusing on volume in height as in width with long layers, a finishing touch with a lot of shine and hair that appears healthy. For curly hair, I like soft and relaxed curls for an ever more glamorous look. And for short hair, the trend is geometry above all.

Hair care

Credit: Nivea : what are your tips for easy hair maintenance?

Sally Brooks : a good conditioner and regular care such as Nivea masks and balms.

Find our tips for getting volume for your hair .


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