Hairstyle trend: spring cuts

Androgynous haircut, Michel Dervyn

Credit: Michel Dervyn

Feminine, practical and chic, this short cut has everything to seduce you. The hair is short on the back and the longer locks frame the face for the feminine touch. We love the fringe which gives character and we don’t hesitate to release it a little to the side when it grows back.

Divines Collection, Androgyne model, Michel Dervyn

A square cut at Biguine

Credit: Biguine

Always so trendy, we adopt the short square tapered version. Practice this cut allows you to style your hair easily. The trick is to work your strands with your fingers. We like the taper of this cut which refines the contour of the face.

Dandy spring-summer 2009 collection, Alfred model, Biguine

Boyish cut at Intermède

Credits: Intermède Coiffure

Very practical, this cut can be difficult to wear depending on the shape of the face. We avoid if we have a round face but we adopt without hesitation for a thin or oval face. With a short cut, we absolutely think of makeup because the face is highlighted 100%.

Spring-summer 2009 collection, Interlude Hairstyle

A cut while volume, Jean Louis David

Credit: Jean Louis david

Glamor and a little rebellious allure are present with this square cut while volume. The locks are degraded. We like the combed-disheveled effect, very trendy. The plus of this cut: it is suitable for all hair types.

Square cut, spring-summer 2009 collection, Jean Louis David

Lolita cut at Eric Stipa

Credit: Eric Stipa

A wise cut for a very feminine chic lolita look. Easy to maintain, the wicks are simply degraded. You can imagine everything with this cut (ponytail, bun, straightened hair….) The only requirement is to have hair smooth enough not to spend 3 hours brushing.

Rosy collection, spring-summer 2009, Eric Stipa

Glamorous haircut, Saint Algue

Credit: Saint Algue

A haircut, simple, chic, all that is more feminine and we love it. The hair is slightly degraded from the nape of the neck and to give a natural effect, we do not hesitate to work the strands in a shaggy way.

Spring-summer 2009 collection, Holy Algae

The mid-length bob, Franck Provost

Credit: Provost

Classic but timeless, adopt shoulder-length hair. We give volume with a round brush for a retro effect. This cut is perfect for straight hair. If you have wavy hair, you will need to lay down a bit more to just lighten up.

Spring-summer 2009 collection, model Joana, Franck Provost

The helmet cut, Interlude hairstyle

Credits: Intermède coiffure

It’s the return of a great classic, the bowl cut. Feminine, sober, it is easy to style every day. To give a more dynamic effect to this cut, we do not hesitate to make a few strands and we create a combed-disheveled effect.

Spring-summer 2009 collection, Intermède hairstyle

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