Hairstyle: well-designed curls for the holidays

1 / Preparation

After washing, thedrying step is the most important. Start by placing your hair in the desired hairstyle. If you want a side parting, trace it with a comb. Use a diffuser tip if your hair is naturally curly, or with a round brush and a blow dryer if it is flexible or wavy.

2 / The formatting

Take the hair again with the curling iron with a diameter larger or smaller depending on the type of curls you want to obtain.
Start at the top of the head, and wrap each strand of random way so that the result is irregular, and more natural.

3 / Fixing

For an impeccable outfit, fix the curls by crumpling them with your fingers styling paste invisible finish, rather than lacquer. They will be lighter and more flexible.
You can also use a small dab of hair mask to print their movement in all lightness.

Small variation: the glamorous notch

Crédit: Guo Pei

Brush your hair well at the roots for their give bulk, then scrunch the lengths with your fingers, with a little salt spray if necessary.
To finish, then take a few locks with an iron, or by wrapping them around the finger, especially at the back of the head, to bring relief to the whole hairstyle.

The shopping you need:

Original. Wonderball Land curling iron, Coco Loco, € 39 at Sephora.

Sculpting. Hair Pomade, John Master Organics, 24 €.

Energizing. Sublime Curl Spray Curl reactivator, René Furterer, € 15.90.

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