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How to crochet a scarf and hat

The frosts have receded, spring is on the doorstep and the mood in the soul is upbeat and a little playful. I would like to update my wardrobe with something funny and unexpected. Maybe the scarf is new? Even if you have very little knitting experience, crocheting a scarf will be a snap.

Stock up on threads, crochet number 3-4, a centimeter and you can get to work that will definitely captivate you. Long, wide scarves are most popular today. If you intend to acquire just such a spectacular thing, then prepare about 300 grams of yarn, these are three skeins weighing 100 grams each and a thread length of 200 meters. Choose a color (or several colors if you like a strip) at your discretion. The size of the finished product should be 30-40 centimeters wide and about 180 centimeters long. If you like tight scarves, as artists like to wear, make it 15-18 centimeters wide. You may also be interested in yarnart jeans yarn, for more details follow the link.

Before knitting a scarf, knit a small sample to determine the density of the knit: it should not be too tight, but it will also look sloppy when very loose. It is best if the drawing is not very complex, but embossed enough. If you have a little experience, you can crochet a scarf with simple columns, it will still look quite impressive and keep its shape well. If you knit in single crochet, it will be denser. You can alternate single crochet with single crochet or double crochet, then it will turn out to be more delicate and springy. Decorate the finished scarf with a long fringe: it will become very stylish and take on a complete look.

Why not knit a set: a scarf and a hat? So, the scarf was a success, and you wanted to complement it with a charming hat, in the shape of the head and, possibly, openwork. Not sure how to crochet a hat? As simple as a scarf. Take the same yarn and the same crochet number, and try to knit too loosely so that the knitting pattern is clearly visible. The charm of small crocheted caps lies precisely in their explicit manual work: knitting machines have not yet learned to imitate this knitting method.

You should start from the top of the head. To do this, knit four air loops and connect them in a ring. Then from each loop, knit two single crochets, and at the end of each row, knit one loop for lifting. Having tied a bottom with a diameter of 8-10 centimeters, start knitting two columns through one loop, then after two, and so on until the hat reaches the required size in a circle equal to the size of the head. You can finish by knitting more rows of 10-12, one column in each loop. When the cap is ready, you can decorate it with a flower knitted separately from the same yarn. You will see that your friends will certainly now ask you how to crochet a hat, vintage, in the style of “a la Vera Cold”, that is, 20-30s.


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