Hands are like a mirror of our age

Did you know that our pens are very fond of when they are regularly cared for and cherished? They respond to this with softness, tenderness, beauty. Naturally, hand care is not just a manicure. Pens are very fond of different baths, masks, massages, immersion in a nutrient medium, exfoliation.

And naturally, there is something that the hands categorically do not like – contacts with chemicals, even household ones. Hands hate frost, hardly agree with him in the presence of mittens or gloves. It’s funny, but your hands don’t like prolonged exposure to the sun. If from the frost the skin on the hands peels off, cracks, then from sunburn it becomes covered with age spots, coarsens and wrinkles. In the spring, the skin of the hands suffers from vitamin deficiency, and in the fall, it probably also suffers from something. And also the hands hate to carry heavy things, from this calluses appear and veins swell.

And what about, you justly ask, if household chemicals, frosts, heat, and gravity are components of our life? The answer is simple, like everything ingenious. Pamper your hands by finding the nearest nail salon!

Hand massage is the best way to preserve youthful skin

At home, a high-quality massage helps to keep your hands young. Of course, it is better if it is done by a professional. But you can try it yourself.

How to do hand massage yourself

Before the massage, professionals recommend putting a towel soaked in hot water on the brush for a few minutes. This will steam up the skin and become more receptive.

For the actual massage, you need a nourishing cream, to which we add a few drops of liquid to remove the cuticle. Apply the cream and begin to massage – first the back of the hand. The rule is the same as for any other massage – start with lighter, stroking movements and move on to stronger massaging, first the entire hand, then individual fingers. You need to start massage from your fingertips. After massaging the back side, we move to the palm. Here you need to knead well all the natural bumps and bulges, rub in the cream thoroughly.

Interesting facts about hand massage

Interestingly, the so-called “hugging movements” are used in hand massage. They are used in forearm massage to activate lymph flow. Well, how can hands after that be able to remain indifferent to our care? Try it on yourself and share your impressions in the comments!


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