Happily ever after: five reasons to conclude a marriage contract

Why you need to conclude a marriage contract: this is a set of family rules governing financial and household relations, the guarantee of a happy marriage.

While lawmakers are only discussing whether to make the conclusion of a marriage contract obligatory for all spouses, we will figure out what benefits can really be derived from it.

“He loves not me, but my millions,” a quote from the movie “Hello, I’m your aunt” involuntarily pops up in my memory, if the groom starts a conversation about concluding a marriage contract. How can you divide property that you have not yet acquired, you think. Do not panic. There are many advantages to concluding a marriage contract.

Confidence in the future

A marriage contract is the same as insurance. You will do everything to prevent the insured event from happening, but you want to get out of the theoretical collapse with minimal losses. It is with such thoughts that people insure their health and the health of children: in order to receive compensation in case of damage, and not to live in anticipation of trouble.

Testing the relationship for strength

Yes, a marriage contract is always a story about trust and honesty. There are statistics that say: out of 10 couples who sit down to discuss a contract, only 8 end up getting married. And all because young people do not like to discuss financial relationships, “we will somehow agree during marriage.” So, only during the conclusion of the contract can your spouse find out that you are not going to lose your salary and go on maternity leave, or, on the contrary, want to leave your job and devote yourself to raising children. In turn, you can find out that the future husband gives 20% of the income to restore the museum in his cousin’s native village and another 30% to the unemployed sister. There is something to discuss.

A set of rules for married life

A marriage contract is not a ticking time bomb. By concluding it, you agree not to divorce according to certain rules, but to live happily and peacefully in your marriage. The contract is not a formal paper, but rather a “set of rules for this house”. You and your spouse can establish in advance who bears the expenses for what items, who pays debts and loans, and plan large purchases.

It can be concluded at any time

You can focus on wedding chores and postpone the contract by agreeing to return to this issue in advance after the honeymoon. It is better to discuss everything in a calm atmosphere, because you love each other and think about the interests of your half. Therefore, the division of property on paper will go smoothly, will not be overshadowed by offenses, and the rights of both will be fairly taken into account.

… or not at all

In August 2018, lawmakers proposed to oblige all newlyweds to conclude a marriage contract. In this case, the preparation and notarization should be free for the newlyweds. So far, the bill has been rejected, and the conclusion of the contract remains a desirable, but not mandatory, item of the wedding program. This means that there is time to reconsider your attitude towards him.

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