Head to Morocco to discover the 2020 Victoire Vermeulen wedding dresses

The brand Victoire Vermeulen invites us to Marrakech where it unveiled its new collection of wedding dresses called Épices. The spirit of the models promises to be as chic as minimalist.

For this new collection called Épices, the sisters Églantine, Myrtille and Eugénie Vermeulen, at the head of the brand Victoire Vermeulen, take us to Morocco where their new models were photographed. Through guipure, the label’s emblematic material, crepe, muslin, gazar, tulle and Calais lace, the three Lille sisters present a bride that is both chic and minimalist.

Épices, the new collection of wedding dresses by Victoire Vermeulen

“In the power of the desert, the silhouette is sublimated, light, pure and loving. She gets drunk with happiness and life becomes a dream. ” This is how the brand defines its new line.
A future bride who will be able to live the happiest day of her life in a very different way. Chic allows itself a certain relaxation if one believes the Safran dress with the integrated pockets which recalls the Coco model from the previous Étoile collection. As for the airy tulle petticoat of the Quatre Épices model, it marks the dreamy and free spirit sought by the label. Future brides adepts of a certain minimalism will opt for the Badiance jumpsuit or the Cédrat shirt-effect dress. Finally, unconditional romantics will dare the sweetness of a sugar plum rose with the Poivre Rose model.

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Various accessories

Each season has its accessories. If the heat is not there on D-day, we opt for the knotted mohair cape which will make the difference … gently. The golden mesh veil, meanwhile, sparkles against the immutable white of the wedding dress. And to dress up these simple and feminine outfits, the French house offers a line of jewelry. Still in golden tones, we find earrings, bracelets, necklaces and crowns in floral shapes. Because the 2020 bride also allows herself to play the card of singularity in her accessorization, far from the classic pearls and diamonds.


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