Health for two: what to do with a partner who does not want to eat right?

Surely you have gotten on the right track more than once, starting to monitor your diet, eat right and cook for the week ahead. But the damned guy swept out of the way all hopes for a better future and an ideal figure and tempted you with chips or junk food while sitting in front of the TV. So that no one else interferes with changing life for the better, we tell you what to do if your partner does not want to eat right with you!

? INthey love different things …

… and this must be respected. A partner can completely calmly refuse fresh salad in favor of fried potatoes simply because he does not want another, and this is normal. Yes, love and strong feelings can make you forget about personal preferences, and you just have to push and the other half will immediately give up all intentions to leave everything as it is. However, this motivation lasts until the first fight, so give the guy personal choice.

? Nis pay attention

Of course, it is easier when two people eat right in a pair at once, but this does not always happen. More often, girls have to cook several different dishes and make two types of menus at once, as well as face temptations and problems.

To make it easier, treat such a decision as an investment in your own future. As if you are drinking the medicine for longevity in advance, so as not to age in the future. You will see, such a thought will save you from breakdowns.

? Find food friends

Sometimes it’s not even that the martyr doesn’t want to change. It is difficult to switch to proper nutrition simply because everyone else is eating something wrong. Like-minded people with whom you can cook together, look for new recipes, dine and be inspired will help you not to break down.

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