Heartburn: The Soft Solutions

Heartburn: the homeo solution

In case of a crisis, take Iris versicolor 7ch, Robinia 7CH or Nitricum acidum 7CH, 4 granules of either of these remedies at the time of stomach pain (up to 6 times a day). Consult a homeopath to start a basic treatment. We often find Argentum nitricum, Nux vomica or Lycopodium in this indication.

Heartburn: the right plants

Have the pharmacist prepare a mixture of mother tinctures of fennel and angelica, and take 25 drops in a little water in case of an attack. In the evening, drink lemon balm tea, which acts as an antispasmodic and also promotes sleep.

Heartburn: the aroma reflex

Massage the solar plexus with 2 to 3 drops of tarragon essential oil, to relieve tension and digestive spasms. You can also take 1 drop of EO of basil or tarragon in 1 tsp. of honey at the time of the attacks.

Heartburn: the oligo option

Take a magnesium cure in the form of drinkable ampoules (Granions®), perlingual ampoules (Oligosol®) or sugar tablets (Oligostim®): a dose of one or the other of these drugs, morning and evening.

Heartburn: the naturo proposition

Avoid meats in sauce, too fresh bread, cold meats, alcohol and coffee. To heal the digestive mucosa and calm stomach cramps, take a glass of fresh raw cabbage juice extracted in a centrifuge, combined with 1 tsp. of aloe vera juice before each meal, for 3 weeks.

Grandma’s tip for heartburn

Peel a raw potato, put it in the juicer to extract the juice and drink a third of a glass, on an empty stomach. You can also chew dried mulberry leaves several times a day. Or bite into cardamom, anise or caraway seeds after meals. Eat light, especially at night, and don’t go to bed for two hours after a meal. Sleep in a semi-lying position.

The right spa treatment for heartburn

If your reflux is accompanied by other digestive disorders (bloating, transit disorders, etc.) and / or are aggravated by overweight, you can opt for a treatment with the indication “Digestive system and metabolism”. Some stations like Vittel (Vosges), Vichy (Auvergne) or Brides-les-Bains (Savoie) are specialized in slimming, others like Châtel-Guyon (Auvergne) are renowned for the management of functional colopathies.

German chamomile, the plant that makes my stomach feel good

How our belly can heal us

Why are we obsessed with our stomachs?


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