Heatwave: Here’s why sleeping with a fan is a bad idea

Even if this device has become in recent weeks your best friend, it seems that it is not without danger… That’s what the magazine reveals The Sleep Advisor, which warns against the harmful effects of ventilators, which would be the cause of asthma attacks and dry eyes.

By circulating the air in the room, the ventilator would force dust and pollen present in the room into your sinuses.
And as soon as you restart your ventilator, all the particles that were deposited on the blades are sent back into the air you breathe… and end up in your airways! A problem for those sensitive or allergic to pollen, or people who suffer from asthma or hay fever.

Also, the air stirred and sent to you may well dry your skin, but also your eyes. This small continuous flow of air indeed causes dry eyes and irritation, especially in contact lens wearers.

Mucous membranes in general, such as the mouth or nose can also be dry. Sinus drought and congestion can cause sinusitis.

Less energy intensive than the air conditioner, the fan is still very useful with very high temperatures, but you must be sure to hydrate yourself well before going to bed, and in the event of a night-time awakening, do not overuse the fan! Also remember to ventilate the room as much as possible to renew the air.

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