Heatwave: how much water should you drink to avoid becoming dehydrated?

Children: How Much Water Should They Drink?

Professionals and health organizations keep saying it: you have to drink water. Hydration is even more important during the heatwave and the hot summer months. For good reason: when it is too hot, the body can no longer regulate its temperature. Intense thirst, headaches, nausea set in… Signs of dehydration important.

How much water should seniors drink?

Drinking helps prevent this phenomenon. But the amount needed is not the same for everyone. “If the recommended water intake is 1.5 liters per day, the age, state of health and physical activity and the specificities of the consumer are all factors that can increase the necessary water intake, particularly in periods of high heat”, Explains in a recent press release the Water Information Center, an association whose goal is to share their knowledge on the water sector to the general public and professionals.

What about pregnant women?

All newborns’ intakes are generally covered by breastfeeding or milk. On the other hand, for infants, their need for water is three times greater than that of adults. Between 4 and 13 years old, he must consume 1.17 liters per day. Then, from the age of 14, its contribution is equivalent to that of adults.

The Water Information Center advises parents on a few tips to make drinking more appealing than soda to younger children: use straws, colored glasses, fun ice cubes or even flavor the water with zest. citrus.


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