Help, my baby is difficult!

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Your baby cries from morning to night and you don’t know what to do? Here are a few tips that might help you.

Have a little one in your life, what happiness? Well seriously, not always! If some babies are very easy on a daily basis, others are rather difficult to live with: crying, tantrums and screaming are the lot of some young parents, who end up completely exhausted by sometimes incomprehensible behaviors.

What is a difficult baby?

While all babies require constant attention, some are particularly complicated on a daily basis. Here is what you may be faced with:

  • Baby hardly ever wants to sleep, and is opposed as soon as you try to put him in a nap or in his bed for the night. He often wakes up at night and only takes micro-naps.
  • He cries a lot whenever he feels upset or doesn’t have what he wants.
  • It screams as soon as you leave the room, when you drop it off at the nursery or even at Grandpa and Grandma’s.
  • He still needs you to take care of him, as if he wants your life to revolve around him only.
  • He screams whenever he’s hungry and hates waiting a bit before eating, even just long enough for you to bring him his meal.
  • He gets annoyed while playing and tends to throw his toys in anger all over the room.
  • He screams as soon as he wakes up and can’t stand being alone in his bed.
  • If you are breastfeeding, he is constantly gripping your breast and tends to mistake it for a pacifier or refuses to do anything other than suckle.

Why is my baby so complicated?

If crying is part of a baby’s “normal” behavior, a toddler crying more than is reasonable certainly has something to say.

1. Your baby is tired

Sometimes those uncontrolled crying and seizures are actually signs that your baby is tired. When he starts to get a little cranky, first try to hug him and calm him down a bit, then put him to bed or somewhere else he can fall asleep.

2. He is in pain without you realizing it

Maybe his crying and frustration is that he’s in pain somewhere without you realizing it. Does he have colic (we give you our best tips for dealing with it in this article), or is he suffering from something else without you realizing it? A word of advice: talk to your pediatrician and make an appointment with an osteopath, they often work wonders for difficult babies!

3. He is distressed

It is said very often: children are sponges, and it is so true! Sometimes the fact that you are going through or have experienced something complicated during pregnancy (death, separation, burnout, etc.) can be so much tension that your little one accumulates and tries to unload by crying excessively. . Again, it is best to speak to a specialist, such as a psychologist for example.

4. He’s a very demanding baby

Some babies require extremely careful attention. As Elise explains to us, mother of a baby with intense needs (BABI) who gave us a little of her life in this testimonial article: BABIs are very active, exhausting, insistent, dissatisfied, unpredictable, hypersensitive, they need to be fed frequently and to be hugged very often, they have difficulty falling asleep, they are difficult to calm and cannot stand separation. In this case, it is important to be supported so as not to sink into exhaustion.

Helping exhausted parents

Whatever the reason for your baby’s crying, it’s important that you can find help. Because according to specialists, taking care of a so-called “difficult” child carries real risks of exhaustion, post-partum depression or parental burn-out. Do not hesitate to talk about it with your pediatrician, your midwife or a trusted person who can refer you to one or the other solution. Also remember to entrust your little one with certain relatives in order to breathe a little and get a full night’s sleep. Don’t be alone in your struggles and never be afraid to talk about it and ask for help.

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