Heparin ointment for wrinkles: rules of application and precautions

Heparin ointment is an inexpensive pharmaceutical product with a wide spectrum of action and a universal composition, which makes it possible to use it against wrinkles. The property of improving the absorption of nutrients, along with other beneficial characteristics, gives the product anti-edema and tonic qualities.

Correct application of Heparin ointment helps to reduce puffiness and sagging of the skin, smooth expression lines, and improve blood circulation. However, you should not get carried away with this tool. Apply the ointment in dosage and in courses, otherwise there is a high risk of developing allergic reactions. One should not forget about the drug’s gummogenicity.

The composition of the ointment and action

Heparin ointment can be purchased at any pharmacy from 50 rubles per package of 25 grams. The drug is intended for the treatment of thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis. The cream has anticoagulant properties and can be used in cosmetology to improve skin metabolism, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Composition of Heparin Ointment:

  • heparin;
  • anesthesin;
  • benzylnicotinate.

Auxiliary ingredients: petroleum jelly, glycerin, peach or other cosmetic oil.

The effectiveness of Heparin ointment in cosmetology is due to the benzyl nicotinate included in the composition, which facilitates the penetration of nutrients and eliminates puffiness. Heparin stimulates oxygen metabolism in cells, glycerin and peach oil moisturize tissues.

Does the ointment help wrinkles

Cosmetologists do not approve of the use of Heparin Ointment to combat wrinkles and swelling on the face. However, women, using the remedy in the struggle for beauty, were able to achieve good results:

  • reduction of puffiness after a sleepless night;
  • elimination of bruises under the eyes;
  • disappearance of small wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes;
  • increased skin tone.

The rejuvenating qualities of Heparin Ointment are explained by its resorption and stimulating properties. The first effect of using the product appears within 2-3 days. With course use, the result will accumulate and become more pronounced.

The drug will help to cope with small wrinkles, but it will not protect the dermis from aging. The deeper the creases on the face, the less noticeable the effect of the cream will be and more courses will be needed.

Indications and contraindications

Women use Heparin Ointment when these problems appear:

  • swelling and bruising under the eyes;
  • Crow’s feet, wrinkles in the periorbital area;
  • puffiness of the face;
  • loss of tone, lethargy, bruising of the skin.

If the wrinkles and creases under the eyes are caused by paint bags, Heparin Ointment will not help. The drug works only against edema triggered by the accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous layer. The tool quickly removes hematomas, relieves pain and inflammation, and is used for bruises in the face area.

Heparin ointment belongs to pharmacological products, therefore, it has many restrictions on its use, especially if it is used in cosmetology.


  • intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • couperose mesh on the face;
  • thin, dry, easily irritated skin;
  • wounds and cuts in the area of ​​application;
  • dermatological diseases (dermatoses, eczema).

Before using Heparin Ointment for facial skin, you should consult your beautician or go to a dermatologist. This will help eliminate contraindications and prevent side effects.

How to use Heparin Wrinkle Ointment

applying heparin ointment for wrinkles

Heparin ointment is applied after thoroughly cleansing the face with water or tonic and moisturizing with a cream.

To eliminate wrinkles, the drug is applied to the face with a thin layer twice a day – in the morning before makeup and in the evening 2 hours before bedtime. The morning portion of the product can be washed off after 15–20 minutes if it interferes with makeup. Evening should be left, otherwise there will be no effect.

The use of Heparin Ointment for wrinkles in the eye area is slightly different than for the entire face. The agent is gently driven into the periorbital zone with a thin layer using the pad of the ring finger. In order not to dry out delicate skin, the drug is applied over a moisturizer.

Under the eyes, Heparin ointment is applied in the evening and left overnight. In the morning, the remedy is used if there are pronounced swelling and blue discoloration of the infraorbital region.

The product belongs to medicines, therefore it is categorically not suitable as a daily cream.

As a rule, to reduce wrinkles, the ointment is applied in courses of 7-10 days. After a month’s break, the procedure can be repeated if there is no allergic reaction or other unpleasant effects.

Precautions and side effects

Before using the ointment, make sure that the product does not cause redness and itching. To do this, you need to conduct an allergy test by applying a pea of ​​cream to the wrist area. If no irritation occurs after two hours, the product is safe.

Other side effects of Heparin Ointment:

  • dryness, burning of the skin;
  • the appearance of acne in the area of ​​application;
  • dermatitis symptoms;
  • hyperemia;
  • decreased tissue sensitivity.

If, after applying Heparin ointment to the wrinkle area, unpleasant symptoms appear, you should immediately wash your face with cool water and lubricate the skin with a soothing cream. It will not be superfluous to take an antihistamine pill. In case of watery eyes, shortness of breath, sore throat, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Having chosen Heparin ointment as a remedy for wrinkles, it should be remembered that this is a medical product intended for other purposes. Do not get carried away with the application of the product and neglect the rules of use. Otherwise, the result will not be elimination of wrinkles, but redness and burning of the skin.


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