Herbal medicine: hawthorn, a plant good for the heart

Hawthorn promotes cardiovascular health

Hawthorn has been known since ancient times to relieve heart rhythm problems, and limit palpitations in particular.

Hawthorn relax us

Antispasmodic, hawthorn calms stress, anxiety and irritability. It thus facilitates the sleep of worried and anxious people. It is its composition (it is full of flavonoids) which gives it most of its properties.

Hawthorn stabilizes blood pressure

This plant is a good hypotensive but, even better, it regulates blood pressure, even when it is too low, and even fights against atherosclerosis.

Hawthorn soothes hot flashes

This medicinal plant can be useful during menopause, because it reduces hot flashes, as well as other congestive disorders, in particular thanks to the antioxidants it contains.

She fights Raynaud’s disease

By improving blood circulation, it noticeably improves the symptoms of this disease, which makes our fingers white and sore in winter.

Hawthorn aids digestion

It can be useful as part of a slimming diet, because it facilitates digestion, in particular by dissolving fats.

The anecdote. Hawthorn, a thorny shrub with small white or pink flowers, belongs to the Rosaceae family. Also known as the ‘thorn of May’ and used in spring festivities in Europe, it has been associated with fertility for centuries.



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