High blood pressure: alternative medicine can help

I have almost 14 blood pressure!

Over the years, the arteries tend to stiffen, which increases the pressure of blood on the walls. The tension then rises little by little. It is therefore necessary to slow down the aging of the cardiovascular system in order to stay in good health.

The aroma prescription : a drop of essential oil of basil, lemon and marjoram in a teaspoon. coffee of honey, morning and evening. Lemon thins the blood, marjoram calms nervousness and lowers tension, just like basil. The mixture is taken as a course of several weeks, to be renewed according to the results.

I have mild hypertension mainly due to stress

Your busy life begins to tire you out and you easily get overwhelmed by anxiety.

The order of sophrology: Forcing yourself to daily relaxation can lower your blood pressure. “For five to twenty minutes, practice the ‘body scan’. Start at the top of the head and imagine you are relaxing the muscles one by one. Feel how heavy and heavy they become… ”recommends Antoine Bioy. Be careful, it’s regularity that pays!

I have familial hypertension and I want to reduce my treatment

Your hypertension is mainly genetic. You have been treated for a long time and would like to reduce your medication.

The prescription phyto: for you, the most interesting plants are hawthorn, which lowers nervous tension, mistletoe and olive tree, which dilate the blood vessels, and corn, a natural diuretic. Prepare a decoction with 20 g of each essence. Drink 1 cup twice a day, at the rate of one tablespoon per cup. A vegetable juice composed of 10 cl of garlic juice and 10 cl of parsley will also have a vasodilator effect. These two plants increase the diameter of the arteries, lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

Despite high blood pressure, I can’t stop smoking

You are taking your medication, starting a diet and getting some exercise, but you are having trouble quitting. However, it is a major factor in hypertension: tobacco increases blood pressure, damages the arteries and can also interact with antihypertensive drugs.

The homeo prescription : take 2 granules of Tabacum 5 CH when you feel like smoking. Combine 2 granules of Nux vomica 5 CH (against stress and irritation) and 3 granules of Belladonna 9 CH at bedtime, for better sleep. In case of anxiety and anguish, take 3 granules of Aconitum napellus 5 CH in the morning on an empty stomach. Continue until the symptoms disappear.

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