Highlights from Paris Men’s Fashion Week


For the second year in a row, Kim Jones, the creative director of the men’s line at the French House, has been showing everyone what a couture for men should look like. In his fall / winter collection, dedicated to punk icon Judy Blame, who passed away just under two years ago, Kim has managed to combine the Haute Couture technologies available to him at Dior and punk sentiments to make luxury menswear surprisingly relevant in 2020.

Dior Men Fall Winter 2020

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Brother and sister Dylan and Lizar Lurr created their spring / summer collection in collaboration with American photo artist Gregory Crewdson, for which has already dubbed the collaboration the coolest joint project of the men’s show season. In addition, the men’s brand, although not the first time to create clothes for girls, but in the last show they were offered a complete wardrobe of the Belgian-based brand – from the so-called office sets to evening dresses for fans of Crewdson’s surreal shots.

Namacheko fall-winter 2020

Louis Vuitton

Virgil Abloh took a break (recall that the designer officially took a break in September 2019 and announced that he would limit his movements around the world and his own presence at dozens of events in different parts of the world in a week) and in the new season as the creative director of the Louis Vuitton men’s line suddenly decided to completely abandon streetwear in favor of a classic men’s wardrobe. Of course, in the full sense, Virgil’s costumes and coats are quite difficult to call classic, but the tayloring at the show, for which a pavilion was built in the Tuileries Garden, where models walked as if in the sky in the clouds, was beyond praise.

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2020

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Raf Simons

After leaving Calvin Klein in December 2018, Raf Simons has the opportunity to focus on his own brand. Models in eco-fur coats emerged from the acid-yellow tunnel onto the catwalk to a cover of David Bowie’s song Life On Mars ?. But our attention was attracted not by them, but by strict coats, trimmed here and there by PVC, and men’s Runner leather ankle boots, in which one can easily imagine a space traveler. Simons remained true to himself and could not resist allusions taken from pop culture. This time, the inspiration came from the 1982 film Blade Runner.

Raf Simons Fall Winter 2020


Veronique Nishanyan, who has been responsible for the men’s collections of the French House for twenty years, manages every year to create surprisingly modern and at first glance recognizable by fans of things, namely, loose trousers with tucks, voluminous coats and phenomenally fitting jackets for men, which their friends strive for. to steal.

Hermès fall-winter 2020

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