Hold on to the last: Urban Decay ultra-long-lasting makeup

Primer, foundation, fixing spray, lipstick – so that the make-up does not give up positions during the day, you need to choose the right cosmetics. Using Urban Decay as an example

Updated on 11 August 2020

Long-lasting cosmetics are the hallmark of the Urban Decay brand. If you’re looking for makeup tools for a hot pool party right now, selection. These funds will not fail!

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A reliable result is unlikely without these tools.

All Nighter Face Primer

For makeup to show the wonders of lasting, before applying the usual foundation, prepare the skin with a primer. The purpose of this tool is to even out the skin and prevent the tone from rolling. If you have oily skin or your makeup has to withstand the test of heat and moisture, primer is a must-have for you. You need to distribute it all over the face with patting movements. A thin layer will be enough for the foundation that you apply on top to stay in its original form for more than eight hours.

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Stay Naked Foundation

To create ultra-long-lasting makeup, the foundation must also be highly durable. Then the effect of the primer will increase significantly. At Urban Decay, this is the Stay Naked foundation that stays unchanged all day long. In addition to ultra-durability, the product has other advantages: a wide palette of 35 shades, the ability to adjust application density and a vegan formula.

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Sprays for fixing All Nighter

fixing spray for urban deck

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Another trick to prolong the hold of your make-up is to apply a fixing spray. When combined with a primer and an ultra-long-lasting foundation, the effect is triple. The spray should be used to complete the makeup by spraying it on the face crosswise from a distance of 10-15 cm. Do not hesitate – the makeup will be safe and sound all day long.

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If you have oily skin and it is important for your skin to stay matte, use All Nighter Ultra Matte Spray.

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Pencils, eyeshadow and eyeliner will also become more durable if you first apply a primer to the eyelids.

makeup and mask

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Primer Potion

Such a base will allow the eyeshadows and pencil pigment to hold out on the eyelids, without rolling, for a whole day. In addition, it guarantees consistent color brightness – shades will not fade throughout the day.

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If wrinkles already appear around the eyes, you can use Primer Potion Anti-Aging – it will additionally moisturize the skin.Product widget: Travel-size primer potion anti-aging

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The eyebrow product should also be distinguished by decent exposure.

purple shadows

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Inked Brow Gel Tint

If you paint your eyebrows with this tool, the make-up can hold the position for up to 3 days! The gel has a waterproof formula, which is also resistant to sebum. It is convenient to draw hairs using the beveled brush of the applicator – even a beginner can handle it.
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Long-lasting lip makeup

For lips, Urban Decay also offers enhanced durability.

color makeup

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Lip Tint Vice Lip Chemistry

The uniqueness of this lipstick is not only in super-durability, but also in the ability of shades to adapt to the color of your lips. The finish is glossy, does not fade on the lips during the day. Beautiful shine without a sticky feeling – the perfect lipstick for evening make-up!Widget: Vice lip chemistry pink slip

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