Holiday first aid kit: the list of essentials

Far from home and the doctor, you have to be able to count on a good first aid kit. Many products are available without a prescription. But the general practitioner may have to prescribe more targeted treatment depending on your profile and your summer destination. Better to schedule an appointment early enough before departure. Didier Lochard, pharmacist in Mandelieu, helps you to plan a basic health kit.

Antiemetics for motion sickness

Prone to nausea by car, plane, and especially by boat? Equip yourself with a remedy that relieves: Cocculin from Boiron Laboratories in homeopathy, ginger in capsules, easy to swallow or a Sea Band® type acupressure bracelet. There are also medicines such as Mercalm® or Nautamine®, but which can cause drowsiness.

Repellents and soothing solutions against insects

For maximum effectiveness, we opt for a skin repellent based on DEET, IR3535, KBR3523 … Formula to be adapted according to age and in case of pregnancy. A cream, like Cortisedermyl, soothes when the damage is done. And against wasps, bees? We do not forget the tweezers that remove the stinger and the venom pump, type Venimex, which helps to suck most of the active substance. As for ticks still clinging to the skin, it is with a tick pull that we get rid of them.

Disinfectant and dressings for sores

A disinfectant solution, such as chlorhexidine, is sufficient. It exists in easy-to-take pods. Also remember to take two or three sterile compresses. As for dressings, plan several categories: the classic ones to protect by letting the lesion breathe, the waterproofs for bathing despite a bad wound, and the hydrocolloids promoting the healing of blisters.

Anti tourist products

Strong diarrhea and vomiting? These are signs of food poisoning. We provide rehydration solutions for the little ones or in case of particular fragility (very useful in periods of high heat), digestive dressings such as Smecta, antispasmodics against pain such as Spasfon and intestinal antisecretories such as lingual Imodium .

Anti-allergy treatments

To each his own field and the choice of remedies depends on your known reactions. Local antihistamine drugs (nasal drops, eye drops) or oral (Cetirizine or Bilastine) provide good relief for rhinitis or eye symptoms. Do not forget a bronchodilator (Salbutamol or Ventolin) in the event of associated asthma, and especially an adrenaline solution (ANAPEN pen or other) to curb a massive reaction. Please note, these products are on prescription, but in the absence of consultation in time, the pharmacist dispenses the antihistamines Cetirizine conseil and Loratadine without a prescription.

What about fever and infection?

Plan paracetamol preferably, against fever and pain. To treat a possible infection, the doctor prescribes travelers who go to areas at risk, a broad spectrum antibiotic. It is always best to see a doctor when symptoms set in.



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