Holidays: 7 homeopathic remedies to slip into your suitcase

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Homeopathic remedies can prevent and / or soothe certain inconveniences. Accompanied by medication, they enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Adults and children alike can turn to this alternative medicine.

Why take homeopathy on vacation?

They are very practical for small ailments related to summer. And this for many reasons : “they have no side effects, should be taken without a glass of water and are often cheaper than drugs. Tubes are less bulky than medicine boxes and fit more easily into a toiletry bag”, Sarah Poignon list, pharmacist.

How to take homeopathy?

Homeopathy should be taken on an empty stomach or away from meals to optimize its effectiveness. The granules should be allowed to melt under the tongue without sucking or chewing. To facilitate ingestion in the little ones, dissolve the granules in a spoon with a lot of water. This alternative medicine does not exempt from treatment. If symptoms persist, contact a doctor.

Thanks to Sarah Poignon, pharmacist in Paris.

Discover seven homeopathic remedies to take on vacation.

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