Holidays during the Covid-19 era: 6 essential information to enjoy the beach and the swimming pool in complete safety

Holidays: can you contract Covid-19 while swimming?

Summer vacation has indeed started. But this year they are somewhat different because of the coronavirus pandemic. Where to go this summer ? Where should you wear your mask? In France, can we go everywhere to the swimming pool or to the beach? Many questions related to the coronavirus remain because Covid-19 continues to circulate in France. In addition, the number of positive cases for the virus has increased in the territory in recent weeks.

Is it compulsory to wear a mask at the pool and at the beach?

“The summer period should not be synonymous with slackening off while respecting barrier gestures”, reports the government. Barrier gestures and social distancing are therefore still in order this summer. But with the different health measures put in place over the weeks, it is difficult to navigate. We take stock of the rules to apply during the holidays at the time of the Covid-19.

Do you need to book to go swimming in the pool?

Many French people wonder if it is safe to bathe in a swimming pool, lake, river or sea in these times of coronavirus. According to the government, “To date, there is no recorded case of transmission of the coronavirus by water during swimming. In swimming pools or spas in particular, the usual water treatment (with chlorine or bromine) allows to eliminate the virus “. According to the French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer), which had carried out analyzes in the seawater of French maritime facades, no trace of the virus was detected in the samples taken.

Holidays: should you stay at least one meter away from others at the pool or the beach?

In an opinion, the High Council of Public Health (HCSP) specified that no study concerning the survival of the coronavirus in swimming pools was available. “You should still be careful if you come into contact with other people while swimming, as physical activity increases the risk of transmission due to increased exposure to droplets. The risk is also increased by the inability to wear a protective mask in these environments “, reports the government.


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