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Our way of life has changed significantly in recent years. And yet every woman still wants to look good and well-groomed. Wearing masks, unfortunately, is not particularly conducive to this. Today we will tell you what kind of home face care will help keep your skin toned.

Home Facial Care

The quarantine will end sooner or later, and you can definitely shine in all its glory if you carefully monitor your appearance now. And it’s not just her. Our health is also very important.

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One of the most basic steps in skincare is cleansing. High-quality cleansing of the face from dirt and makeup residues is no less important than protecting it. Many people neglect this stage, and then do not understand where clogged pores and redness come from. Today we will tell you about the simplest but effective masks that will help you thoroughly cleanse your face and get rid of many problems.

Tar mask

This mask based on tar soap is definitely not suitable for overly delicate and sensitive skin, but it can normalize the work of the sebaceous glands in oily and normal skin. To prepare the mask, you must mix a teaspoon of grated tar soap with a spoonful of baby cream. The entire face should not be covered, but only the most problematic areas. 15 minutes will be enough.

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Keep in mind that tar soap smells very specific. Everyone who uses tar shampoo knows this. The smell disappears overnight, so it is best to do such a mask before bedtime. Although during self-isolation you can afford to do it at any time …

Mask with Vishnevsky ointment

The composition of the ointment also includes tar, because its effect is so noticeable from the first application. The ointment can be mixed with any clay suitable for your skin. Add half a teaspoon of ointment to one tablespoon of clay. Do not use metal objects during the cooking process. The mask should be kept on the skin for no longer than half an hour.

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You will have to wash off the mask with a foam for washing, since the ointment contains Castor oil, which is hard enough to come off the skin. Vishnevsky’s ointment is an excellent remedy for severe cases of inflammation and acne. It fights not only the pimples themselves, but also removes the marks from them.

Clay mask with lemon

This recipe is suitable for everyone who wants to get rid of unnecessary shine, as well as prevent the appearance of all kinds of misunderstandings on the face. Mask excellent mattingand also removes makeup residues.

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A tablespoon of cosmetic clay should be mixed with a couple of drops of lemon juice. For a scrubbing effect, add a teaspoon of oatmeal. Don’t forget to dilute everything with a little water to keep the mask from drying out on your face.

These masks are very powerful and should not be used more than once a week.

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