Homemade slimming cocktails: recipes and tips

Diet food is not always pleasing with its taste and usefulness. Therefore, natural, vitamin slimming cocktails have gained such popularity. They are based on fruits, vegetables, berries, spices and other foods necessary for normal digestion. Making slimming cocktails at home will not be difficult – the ingredients can be found in every home.

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Operating principle

Slimming cocktails can work in several ways:

  • long-term saturation with low calorie content due to the increased fiber content;
  • replenishment of nutrients necessary for effective sports;
  • normalization of bowel function;
  • acceleration of metabolism.

The result obtained depends on the ingredients included in the drink. By choosing the right slimming cocktail for your needs, you can create optimal conditions for getting rid of extra pounds.


There are 5 main varieties of slimming cocktails. Let’s consider the features and examples.

Fat Burning Slimming Shakes

Fat burning means the acceleration of the body’s metabolic processes. Beverages that stimulate metabolism are based on foods with stimulating properties.

Fat-burning slimming cocktail at home is usually prepared from citruses, spices, ginger, herbs, apples. It can also contain caffeine, green tea, seeds and grains.

Diet shakes for weight loss

Effective slimming shakes should be low in calories and provide good bowel cleansing. Therefore, they are prepared from various vegetables (cabbage, pumpkin, tomato, etc.) with the addition of herbs. Another option is low-fat yogurt or kefir with bran and berries.

Slimming cocktails that satisfy hunger

Cocktails made from oatmeal, cocoa, kefir, eggs, berries and fruits help to pacify hunger and recharge. They are recommended for those who are losing weight, going in for sports.

Soy shakes for weight loss

A low-calorie yet nutritious slimming shake made from soy. The drink is prepared from soy milk or dry raw materials (powder). Low-fat kefir, fruits, berries, honey, spices are used as additives.

Soy smoothies promote muscle growth. You need to drink them 30 minutes after exercise, but no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

Protein Slimming Shakes

Another option for those who regularly visit the gym. The basis of these cocktails is protein. They are usually prepared from special powder mixtures and consumed before training.

You can also make protein shakes for weight loss at home. To do this, use dairy and sour milk products, eggs, nuts, berries and fruits.

Protein drinks promote muscle growth, provide energy for exercise, and improve body drying efficiency. But you need to use them with caution, given the contraindications.


homemade slimming cocktails

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How to make a slimming cocktail yourself? The method of preparing drinks is extremely simple – prepared foods are mixed in a blender (both stationary and submersible are suitable). Only the ingredients differ.

Best homemade slimming cocktails recipes:

  • Nutritious. Combine 200 ml of kefir, oatmeal (2 tablespoons), a pinch of cinnamon and a quarter of an apple or 1 tbsp. l. any berries.
  • Protein. Mix 100 g of reduced fat curd with a bunch of greens of your choice. The mass is brought to the desired consistency with skim milk.
  • Soy with berries. A glass of water will require 2 tbsp. l. soy powder and 50 g of frozen currants or raspberries.
  • Cucumber. To speed up the metabolism, a cocktail of peeled cucumber (100-120 g), 100 ml of kefir and half a clove of garlic, passed through a press, is suitable.
  • Orange. To replenish the deficiency of vitamins and nutrients, prepare a cocktail of one persimmon (alternatively, 100-150 g of pumpkin), 1 bell pepper and medium carrot. If the power of the blender is not enough to grind the food, you can grate it on a fine grater before mixing. Fat-free kefir is added to the mixture until a drinkable consistency is obtained.
  • Green. For a cocktail you need 100 g of green peas, 1 tsp. ground ginger or 2-3 strips of fresh, 1 cucumber, 2-3 broccoli inflorescences and a couple of parsley sprigs. All ingredients are ground to puree.
  • Spinach and fruits. Take 1 banana and kiwi, a glass of minced spinach and 200 ml of water. The fruit is peeled and mixed until smooth with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Avocado with spinach. You will need the pulp of half an avocado, half a cup of chopped spinach, 2 tablespoons of minced fresh mint, 1 ripe pear without a core, cut into pieces, and 200 ml of water. The cocktail is blended until smooth.
  • With celery. Whisk 1 egg yolk, celery juice (50 ml) and milk (100 ml). The slimming cocktail is ready.
  • Pineapple-grapefruit fat burning. Grind the pulp of one grapefruit, half a diced pineapple and 1 slice of fresh ginger in a blender. Add 70 ml of homemade unsweetened yogurt to the mixture.
  • From kiwi. Peel 1 kiwi, slice and place in blender bowl. Add 100 ml water, 1 tsp. honey, 2 lemon rings, parsley and mint leaves. The mixture is crushed until smooth.
  • Watermelon. Whisk 3 cups (seedless) watermelon pulp, 1.5 cups strawberries, 100 ml water, and 1 tbsp. l. lime juice. A slimming cocktail is refreshing and low-calorie.

Application rules

How to drink slimming cocktails to achieve the desired result? Depending on the goal, they are used with different regularity:

  1. Express method of weight loss. Have a fasting day in which all meals will be replaced with slimming cocktails. You can practice such unloading no more than 1 time a week.
  2. Active weight loss. Replace your usual breakfast or dinner with a cocktail (both meals are allowed). At the same time, lunch should remain complete – vegetables, lean meat, cereals.
  3. Slowly shedding extra pounds and staying in shape. Drink a slimming shake before meals (half an hour) or instead of a snack. This will speed up your metabolism. Enough 1-2 times a day.

If you have chosen protein shakes for weight loss, it is important to monitor compliance with the daily protein intake of 1 g per 1 kg of body weight. Exceeding it negatively affects the condition of the kidneys and can interfere with weight loss.

Do slimming cocktails help by themselves?

Of course, you should not rely on only slimming cocktails. They do not have any magical effect on body fat, so weight loss is unlikely without exercise and calorie restriction.

Their use is most effective as a low-calorie meal replacement. Within reasonable limits, such nutrition will improve bowel function and stimulate the process of losing weight.


Homemade slimming cocktail is always natural and therefore safe. But there are conditions in which their use is contraindicated:

  • intolerance to the products that make up the drink;
  • impaired renal function;
  • urolithiasis and gout (for protein shakes);
  • inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

As you can see, recipes for slimming cocktails open up a lot of possibilities for delicious and dietary nutrition. This is a worthy alternative to snacks and high-calorie meals. But you should not abuse such drinks, as well as place too high hopes on them.

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