Homeopathy: it accompanies the woman throughout her life

If this complementary medicine has its limits and does not exempt a consultation with the gynecologist, it can help the body get better. It does not replace antibiotics in any way, but in times of imbalance such as puberty, during pregnancy or at the time of the transition to menopause, it alleviates minor inconveniences and helps to harmonize the vaginal flora.

Late puberty

This delay in the development of women concerns well-trained young girls, who at the age of 14 and over have not yet had their first period. There is nothing serious, but we can give a little natural boost, by inducing a signal in the body to trigger the rules. Individualized field treatment can then be prescribed to them by a homeopath, according to their needs.

Painful periods

Using the pill from puberty to regulate menstrual cycles is not a solution, the pill is a contraception and has no other vocation. It is better then to turn to homeopathy which has no contraindication and which will treat painful or heavy periods and rebalance the cycles in the long term. To establish a basic treatment, we must first understand where this disorder comes from: does the pain come from stress? Since when have you had a heavy period? Was there a trigger event? For a lanky young girl for example who has very heavy periods, we will favor MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA 9 CH, 5 granules 2 to 6 times a day associated with COLOCYNTHIS 5 CH. This treatment for 3 months should be enough to improve the spasms of the uterus.

Pre-menstrual syndrome

This phenomenon often happens to women aged 25 to 45 who do not take the pill and who, for example, have chosen the IUD as a means of contraception because they smoke.

Symptoms can vary from person to person: you may feel pain in the breasts, have mood disorders, be prone to repeated yeast infections or migraines.

This is due to a hormonal imbalance in favor or against estrogen. Homeopathy will therefore act to harmonize all of this. In the case of breast pain, take a globule dose of FOLLICULINUM 15 CH, for mood disorders, we will opt for NUX VOMICA 9 CH or 15 CH 5 granules, to be taken in scale, that is to say – say a 9C globule dose 20 days after the start of menstruation, a 15C cell dose the next day and a 30C dose the day after. If you are more concerned with constipation, hemorrhoids, irritability, or changes in mood, take SEPIA as a scale, as with NUX VOMICA.

Relieve heavy legs with HAMAMELIS COMPOSE and consider wearing compression socks in winter to maximize the effects. Finally, in case of acne, KALIUM BROMATUM 9 CH 5 granules 2 times a day 15 days before the rules.


The desire for a child can sometimes turn out to be an obstacle course, before setting up hormonal treatment, you have to arm yourself with a little patience, and why not turn to homeopathy. Women who stop the pill and who take a long time to get pregnant may need a boost to rebalance the hormonal system, we will then opt for a treatment based on hormonal dilution: a dose of FOLLICULINUM globules on the 8th and on the 20th day of the cycle and LUTEINUM 5 CH: 5 granules in the 2nd part of the cycle or a dose of globules on the 21st day of the cycle. In case of anxiety about not succeeding in having a child, to help to be zen and to avoid the signs of fictitious pregnancy, IGNATIA 15 CH can help to accept to wait: take 5 granules per day of the 15th day of the cycle when menstruation arrives.

The pregnancy

This period of happiness is not always a long calm river: the small physiological problems that we can meet are part of the game, we must accept them, but we can alleviate them. Homeopathy, which does not contain hormones and components harmful to the baby, is the ideal natural alternative to accompany you during these 9 months. Being constipated during pregnancy is a completely normal phenomenon, which should not be eradicated with laxatives, to be used in moderation when pregnant. In this case, we can take COLLINSONIA 5 CH 5 granules 3 times a day, to help transit without disrupting everything. Sleep disturbances are also common due to the excitement of this happy coming event, but taking sleeping pills during pregnancy is strongly discouraged. Taking COFFEA 15 CH 5 granules before going to bed helps you to relax and unwind. In case of anxiety, PASSIFLORA COMPOSE can be added at a rate of 5 granules twice a day.

Women who have tendon pain due to the hormone relaxin which softens the tendons can take 5 granules of RUTA GRAVEOLENS 9 CH 2 times a day to relieve them.

In case of sciatica or back pain, of course forget about stiletto heels, and prefer wedge soles. Be sure to sit well, avoid being arched. And to reduce pain (sciatica type), take HYPERICUM 15 CH 5 gr 2 times a day. If you are anxious, and you have contractions with pain but without changes in the cervix, you can take 5 granules once or twice a day of IGNATIA 15 CH to help you relax.


After a more or less complicated pregnancy, the apprehension of childbirth arrives. To prepare you as well as possible, there are breathing exercises to help you relax during labor in the maternity hospital. On the homeopathy side, to facilitate childbirth and reduce anxiety, take ACTAEA RACEMOSA 9 CH 5 granules per day for the 3 weeks preceding childbirth. And on the big day, to avoid being paralyzed by stage fright, take a dose of GELSEMIUM 15 CH. Dad can also take a dose to relax.

Mycosis and cystitis

To restore the balance of the vaginal flora, it is first necessary to ensure a healthy hygiene of life, to avoid tobacco and to ban full hair removal, which promotes the appearance of these small inconveniences. To fight yeast infections, take 5 granules per day of MONILIA ALBICANS 15 CH, which are in fact diluted fungi that will desensitize, and therefore space and make the attacks less intense. In the event of a crisis, one can opt for an egg of ENDHOMETROL, which is a mixture of hydrastis, helonias and calendula.

To soothe the itching, take 5 granules every ½ hour of APIS 15 CH, and to treat your area take one dose per week of PULSATILLA 15 CH.

Regarding cystitis, which are urinary burns, if you are not pregnant, have no fever or lower back pain: take 5 granules 4 to 6 times a day of CANTHARIS 5 CH, of FORMICA RUFA COMPOSE and COLIBACILLINUM 15 CH. As a background treatment, take one ampoule 3 times a week of ANTI-COLIBACILLARY SERUM D8, in case of crisis take 2 ampoules per day, for 3 days. In field treatment, opt for a weekly dose of SEPIA globules.


As menopause approaches, certain symptoms may appear during this transition period. They can be the same as PMS, but they should not be confused because they are not treated the same way. Perimenopause affects women on average 3 to 4 years before menstruation ends, but can take place from the age of 40. It often results in hot flashes that can be treated with homeopathy: take 5 granules per day of FOLLICULINUM 5 CH until the return of menstruation, and a dose of FSH 15 CH per week up to decrease in hot flashes. In the event of migraines, mood disorders associated with hot flashes and irregular cycles, take 5 granules 3 to 6 times a day of LACHESIS 7 CH to 15 CH. If your cycles are shorter and heavier, your breasts hurt and you have period pain, take 5 granules of ACTAEA RACEMOSA 9 CH per day from the onset of breast pain until the end of your period.

Be careful if you notice a dryness in the vaginal flora, homeopathy will not be enough, you must then consult a gynecologist at the first signs, to prevent it from becoming complicated.


Menopause, which is the end of the reproductive period, usually happens around the age of 50. This important period in the life of a woman, since it defines by the stopping of the rules for a year, affects the physical but also sometimes the psychic, results in the stopping of the rules, and can cause some inconvenience. To experience this change as well as possible, homeopathy is a solution without adverse effects, which will treat the problem in the long term. Women who have sweats, which are very red quickly in the event of hot flashes with a feeling of hotness on the face, on the soles of the feet and on the hands, who tend to have high blood pressure, may take 2 times a day 5 granules of SULFUR 9CH. If you are more prone to extreme redness of the face, take 5 granules of BELLADONNA 9CH 4 times a day and if, on the contrary, your hot flashes do not cause redness, opt for SEPIA. To relieve joint pain: take 5 granules twice a day of RHUS TOX 15CH (for those who have the feeling of being rusty and whose pain is reduced by slow movement). If your pain is worsened by wet weather, take 5 granules 2 times a day of NATRUM SULFURICUM 15CH and in case of lower back pain, prefer KALIUM CARBONICUM at a rate of 5 granules 2 times a day.

Menopause can lead to weakened bones and reduced bone mass, which is called osteopenia. In order to improve bone quality over a month, take one globule dose of CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA on Sunday in week 1, one dose of CALCAREA FLUORICA 15CH on Sunday in week 2, one dose of SILICEA 15CH on Sunday in week 3 and nothing in week 4. You can also follow treatment with OSTEOCYNESINE: 2 lozenges twice a day.

In the event of a fracture, to consolidate the bone, take 5 granules 2 times a day of SYMPHYTUM 5 CH. As in the period of perimenopause, if you notice vaginal dryness, consult a gynecologist, and use a lubricating gel (Saforelle type).

How to take homeopathy?

There are two main forms: granules which come in tubes, the intake of which can vary from 3 to 5 granules, and globules which come in doses which must be taken in full at one time. Whatever the format, they are always taken on an empty stomach, and outside of meals, either by letting them melt in the mouth, or by diluting them in a little water, leaving the solution for a few seconds in the mouth. Be careful to wait after a cigarette or toothbrushing, to prevent toothpaste or tobacco from interacting with homeopathy, and canceling its effects.

Good to know

Homeopathy is an unconventional complementary medicine, and the granules and doses are over-the-counter and reimbursed at 30% on prescription. These recipes are given as an indication, but in some cases, the treatment must be personalized, it is then necessary to consult a homeopathic doctor or a pharmacist in order to be better oriented.

Homeopathy for women

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