Honest selfie: Hailey Bieber showed her skin imperfections


On her Instagram, model Hailey Bieber said that in the spring of this year she decided to take seriously the health of her skin, completely switched to proper nutrition, adjusted her sleep schedule and, on the advice of a beautician, changed her care cosmetics, but due to the fact that during filming for magazines and advertising campaigns she is given strong makeup, rashes periodically appear on her face.

The star admitted that she has been suffering from perioral dermatitis for several years, and showed fans how her skin looks during periods of exacerbations. “This photo was taken on the third day, it’s almost gone,” wrote Hayley on Instagram and posted an honest selfie, taken without foundation and filters. The model noted that in her case it is almost impossible to predict which agent will cause a reaction, so she uses new masks, creams with spf protection with caution, avoids many products, cold and wind. Hayley advised everyone who suffers from similar problems to consult a dermatologist and not neglect treatment, and also asked fans to love themselves and listen to their body more often.



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