We all know that cortisol is a stress hormone and serotonin is a joy hormone. Endorphins affect our well-being, and testosterone is great in the appearance of men. Have you ever wondered how oxytocin affects your relationship? Today we will tell you why this hormone is so good!

What is oxytocin?

Oxytocin is a hormone that is formed in the hypothalamus (part of the brain). Initially, it was considered an exclusively female hormone, since the substance was produced during childbirth and lactation. Thus, the body made it easier to take into account the mother. Over time, scientists have found that oxytocin strengthens not only the bond between mother and child, but also in a couple in general. Hence the name “love hormone”.

Why is hormone associated with relationships?

Famous israeli psychologist named Ruth Feldman has long been researching the effects of oxytocin on relationships. After several studies, Ruth found out that the level of the hormone rises equally in lovers in greater quantities than only in pregnant women.

This happens at the beginning, when the relationship enters a phase of active development. Then the partners feel joy and happiness, harmony, balance. Feldman notes that the level of harmony in the couple depends on the level of the hormone in the blood, therefore, it is necessary to increase it.

How to increase hormone levels on your own?

The easiest option is to go to the pharmacy, since oxytocin is publicly available. However, experts do not recommend experimenting with taking hormonal drugs, since any failure in taking can lead to a disruption in the functioning of some organs.

How to increase the level of the hormone in the blood without the use of medications, we will tell you in the next article. And if you do not want to miss useful and interesting information, rather subscribe to our blog!

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