Hot sex and testing things in a heatwave

We drip, we stick, we just want to sleep. Nay! When the temperatures rise, it’s time to have sex… differently. Be hot, find the right position, follow the guide!

Let yourself sweat

Hygiene has become a real obsession: we wash before sex (to smell the armpits and the little flower) and we try to keep cool before the jump. This summer, let’s do the opposite: why wait until midnight for the temperatures to drop? We take advantage of the heat to sweat for two and it’s terribly … bestial. During coitus, the bodies are brought back to their raw state: it sticks, it slams, it flows. We are two animals in full ecstasy. “Without forgetting that the smell of sweat is much more exciting than that of deodorant” recalls Servane Vergy, author of Give pleasure to a man, published by Leducs. Above all, bodies like to talk to each other for pleasure, so let’s do it without artifice. You will find your man as manly as ever and promised he will love your shiny body.

Play with ice cubes

You ask the waiter for a Perrier with plenty of ice cubes, demand the same in bed. Ice cubes bring a touch of freshness that promises a thousand sensations. It’s little luck in a cube. Just be sure to moisten them before using them: an ice cube straight out of the freezer tends to stick. So don’t wet them with your tongue! Rinse them with water or put them in a glass of water and then walk them over your partner’s body, while alternating hot and cold. The licks before and after the ice cream are very pleasant. Also remember to flavor your ice cubes. This is the advice of Nathalie Giraud Desforges, sex therapist and founder of Piment Rose, a site for erotic accessories. She recommends a menthol ice cube or the organic Sensuel Jules & Julie tea, with ginger and ginseng, 100% aphrodisiac!

Put your sex toys in the fridge!

But not just any! Nathalie Giraud Desforges advises to put only her pyrex sex toys there, as well as sex toys that do not run on battery or battery. Unfortunately, silicone sex toys will not cool down, they are made to be at skin temperature. As for those made of metal, we are wary: it catches the cold so much that they could become unpleasant and especially stick to the mucous membranes. Not cool ! Once your pyrex sex toy has cooled, it’s up to you to operate. But as with ice cubes, consider alternating hot and cold on different parts of the body. Especially since too much cold in the vagina can inhibit pleasure. So we play with the tongue, wet fingers, the penis of his partner … So many parts of the body that provide a little warmth before the polar atmosphere. It is this balance of temperatures that makes the temperature rise!

Practice the quick pipe!

Who is this one? It is the express pipe, as defined by Servane Vergy, specialist in female pleasure. If fellatio is often an integral part of foreplay, why not take advantage of the summer for little blowjobs here and there, just for the pleasure of… sucking, a bit like sucking ice cream? Blowjob becomes a good dessert, which you can flavor by choosing condoms with multiple tastes, especially if you are not sure of your partner’s health. Likewise, there are very pleasant scented lubricants. Not to mention that you can enjoy a minty ice cube and play hot and cold to better savor your Magnum and share it with your companion.

Make love in the early morning

It is well known that making love late at night because it is cooler. But if you want to avoid the hot weather, also take advantage of the early morning. The early morning has the merit of changing our habits, right? Nothing like a good start to the day than a part of the legs in the air when everyone is still asleep. You can say that you are an early riser and have enjoyed the good morning air.

Opt for a hammock

Do you need some air in this heatwave? Invest in a hammock! As Servane Vergy emphasizes, “making love in a rocking hammock”. We receive a slight current of air. Likewise, you can hold your swing or swing hostage. A little momentum and your hair would almost fly. What better way to get laid than to hang… in the air? You will give us news from heaven (the seventh).

Enjoy nature

If your apartment is unbreathable, seek out a quiet, shaded area of ​​nature. Nature is a source of excitement. Like when we sweat: we are brought back to our animal side. In addition, the risk of getting caught tickles more. Servane Vergy comments: “Even though we know we are choosing a secluded spot, we always fear that a stranger will pass by. It’s super exciting”. We approve. Unless you come across a group of Japanese tourists, ten Reflexes in each hand.

Live without underwear!

Don’t wear panties, you sometimes think about it. However, trying the experience on the subway turns you on average. On vacation, it’s now or never to drop the panties but also the bra … We feel light, free, the slightest gust of wind is good … and invites our partner not to go there a thousand ways .

Make love in the water

Taking a dip in the pool is refreshing, making love there too. So do not hesitate any longer. However, two small caveats! Water and condoms make two: there is a risk of slipping. So we make love in the water with a trusted partner, with whom we can do without a condom. Second little glamorous info: making love in the water of the swimming pool (chlorinated) or the salty sea causes an upsurge of mycoses during the summer! As for the famous misconception “we can get stuck …”, it is false! Although indeed, in the water, it slides and slides less well… but no risk! This received idea has only one interest: to fuel the pleasure of the forbidden …

Take showers for two

If the pool seems a big deal to you, consider the shower. It is less irritating for the mucous membranes! Together, enjoy a moment of totally erotic freshness. No need to venture into acrobatic positions and become complex if you can’t. In the shower, you can play some foreplay, get tenderly aroused and go to bed while still wet for a very sticky melee … The circle is complete, the summer will be hot.

Thanks to Servane Vergy, author of Give pleasure to a man published by Leducs.
Thanks to Nathalie Giraud Desforges, sex therapist and founder of, pioneer in the presentation of erotic accessories online and in meetings, with wise sex advice from its founder. All products have been selected, tested, recommended and recommended since 2003.

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