How and how not to store cosmetics. Makeup Artist Tips

Always wear the same makeup because you always have the same palette and the same lipstick at your fingertips? Having trouble remembering which shades of eyeshadow you already have and which ones you don’t? Taking half a day to find the right brush? Makeup artist Lena Igradi explains how to organize the storage of cosmetics to break this vicious circle.

Believes that it is necessary not only to choose cosmetics wisely, but also to store it

In all honesty, I’m not the perfect Instagram makeup artist who has a fancy mirror with light bulbs and a separate room for lipsticks. I am a harsh practitioner. I need to fit a lot of cosmetics into a small area so that any product is easy to find. Through trial and error, I found my own ways.

1. Organize funds not by type, but by topic

I know many people have separate drawers for eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. But in fact, to find in them “the very necessary lipstick right now” is still a challenge. I realized that it is more convenient to have several small containers (boxes, etc), in which the cosmetics are arranged not by type (mascara, lipstick, tonal), but by meanings, themes and reasons. Must-haves “for every day” – in the most convenient. Shadow base and bright go-out palettes can be stored along with makeup fixer and dark / bright / creative lipsticks if you don’t wear them often. Have you noticed that you are using the same tint with the same blush – keep them close so as not to rush through all the supplies. There can be an unlimited number of containers, themes – too, including the themes “Should I play the fool?” and “When I’m tired of everything” 🙂

2. Throw away the packaging and anthers (collectors, you haven’t read this!)

Even without boxes and anthers, getting tangled in eight Chanel palettes of the same shape is a trifling matter. And if you also have to unpack and unpack each of these 8 in search of the right one, you don’t have to worry that you will come to the party first.

Of course, if you really enjoy taking apart your treasures – just forget this advice. But if you are too lazy to do evening make-up in advance, because “it’s all so-a-a-ak long”, or you can hardly remember what lies “in that beautiful box over there” – maybe you should still take the risk and part at least with a box?

3. The convenience of transparent organizers can be exaggerated

Plastic organizer stands that seemed like a salvation and deliverance from chaos can disappoint you in the long run. I know this from the reviews of my clients. Such containers are good when they are half empty, and you are an adherent of conscious consumption, and when purchasing a new lipstick, you immediately get rid of some old one. But if you buy lipstick / blush / eyeshadow at least once a month, the resource of your organizer will soon be exhausted, and some of the funds will again move into a cosmetic bag, drawer or cabinet bottom.

It turns out that this thing – mind you, for your own money – dictates to you what and how much you need to you can have. Six palettes, twelve lipsticks – strictly according to the number of sections in the stand.

In addition, the assorted tubes and bottles do not look so cool, gathered together in a transparent cell. Especially if there are a lot of them and they are tightly packed.

4. Forget about fabric cosmetic bags

Firstly, they are drawn to fill to capacity and shake up every time “from” and “to”. And then: “Oh, no, the brown pencil was still in the other!” Secondly, they get dirty easily and are difficult to clean. Sometimes with so much difficulty that you want to score on this wash. Thirdly, if you suddenly drop such a cosmetic bag, the contents may break, because it does not soften the blow in any way. An ordinary box is more advantageous in this sense: it is inconvenient to hold it with one hand, which means there is no chance of becoming Natasha’s cat (and dropping everything, in general, everything, honestly!).

5. The best place for brushes is a closed spacious tube

It is much more convenient than glasses and coasters (no one canceled household dust and playful cats). Tubes treat brushes much more humanely than “professional” clamshell covers, which you want to fill tighter and tighten. As a result, instead of your favorite blending brush, you can get something that looks like a golf club.

Cloth cosmetic bags are a tempting option, but there is a chance that the torch brush will turn into a boomerang brush-) It’s just as easy to kill a beveled eyeliner brush: it will get loose and will draw a cardiogram instead of a neat line.

There are quite a few pretty tubes now, finding your ideal one is not difficult. I like transparent ones, they allow you to control the situation: you will definitely notice if the pile accidentally wrinkles. Nothing will happen to him in a minute, but if you leave the hand in such an unfortunate position for a day or two, it will need resuscitation. Take the tubes “for growth”: the brushes should be free.

6. The best sponge holder – egg holder

The ideal drying device is a wire stand for a boiled egg. These are sold in “Girlfriend” (cosmetic) and in utensils stores (those that are real for eggs). But in principle, you can twist it yourself from the wire, nothing complicated, a ring and legs. It is convenient to store dry sponges in a regular zip bag or in a linen bag.

7. My salvation is auto mechanics toolbox

Disappointed in my shelves and dressers, I drove – guess where? That’s right, to the auto shop equipment store. Oh, it was a performance: the manager could not figure out who I was and what I needed until a more experienced colleague told him – apart from BMW and Audi fans, tattoo artists respect tool carts. It turns out that they also want to optimize the storage of equipment, and the furniture market was not ready for their needs.

I did not regret the purchase for a day. If in cute girlish dressers there are 3-4 boxes per meter of height, there are seven of them in the mechanic’s trolley. Each has a smooth ride and strong guides. The height of the lower compartments is 30 centimeters, you can put the bottle of foundation or toner vertically. The height of the upper ones is 15 cm. Cream shadows, pigments and palettes are conveniently placed in them. Everything in sight – no separators needed.

The curbstone is metal, so you can attach at least ten baskets-pockets with magnets on the sides, and put pencils and ink in them. Yes, my red trolley would hardly fit into the boudoir style, but it got up like a dear to my favorite loft.


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