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We have told you more than once about how useful it is for a person Bee Honey… In addition, the editorial staff often shares interesting recipes with honey with you. But in today’s article, we would like to reveal even more features of this versatile product. For advice, we turn to the famous Indian yogi Sadhguru, who knows exactly how to build the right relationship with food.

Bee Honey

“In Karnataka (a state in India) there are tribes whose representatives are called honey shepherds. They follow a very unusual diet. Every morning they drink 3/4 liters of honey from a bamboo cup. In addition, they eat absolutely nothing for breakfast. After such an unusual meal, people go to the forest. They cover up to 30-40 km per day “– says the yogi.

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“These people are constantly moving: they climb trees and get off them, collect honey. They often lick honey from their hands, so their daily dose of this product often exceeds 1–1.5 liters. When they return home in the evening, they eat a porridge called java for dinner. But honey remains their main food. “

“Honey provides psychological stability and physical well-being. This is the only product whose chemical composition is close to human blood. By including honey in your daily diet, you seem to renew your blood, improving your health. Bee honey is equally good for the human heart and brain, ”says Sadhguru.

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“Honey is able to keep the mind in good shape and add energy to the body. In addition, this product is extremely important for children to consume. It contributes to the development and enhancement of intellectual abilities. “

How is honey

“If you process honey thermally, that is, boil or bake, it turns into a harmful substance. During cooking, honey can only be dissolved in warm water, but not in boiling water. When dissolved in warm water, the product will release a certain amount of enzymes. This can lead to weight loss. And if you dissolve honey in cold water, it behaves differently, and, accordingly, body weight may increase. ”

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“Depending on how honey is eaten, its effect on the body changes. If you start drinking warm water with honey, you will notice how your well-being will change. First, the blood will become better oxygenated, so you will have more energy. Secondly, the rejuvenation system in the body is activated. In general, the use of honey will balance the work of the circulatory system “– says the yogi.

“Honey is especially good for people who practice yoga, as due to the purification of the blood, human energy is also purified. It is best to consume warm honey water along with turmeric and neem powder. This will increase muscle flexibility and rid the human body of toxic substances. ”

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Sadhguru encourages his disciples and listeners: “Never take our word for it. Experiment and track the result by your own example “… To be honest, I never liked honey and rarely ate it. But the statements of the great yogi interested me. Perhaps drinking a glass of water with honey instead of a glass of plain water in the morning will make me feel better throughout the day? Seems to be worth a try!

What do you say? How often do you eat honey and in what form are you used to using it? Share your experience in the comments!

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