How and with what to wear a cardigan on cool evenings, so as not to be a simpleton

In cool weather, a cardigan will always help out. It is quite practical and comfortable, as it helps a woman to feel warm and feminine at the same time. However, you need to know what rules to follow when combining a cardigan with other things. If this is done ineptly, then even the prettiest woman runs the risk of turning into an ordinary simpleton who has never heard of trends in modern fashion.

Short cardigan

If the cardigan is short, then it should be combined with such things:

  • Dresses of a semi-fitted silhouette. A short cardigan will be a good addition.
  • Skirts that have a high rise. The belt should not be visible from under the cardigan so as not to cut the figure.
  • Pants or jeans also go well with a short cardigan. Just make sure that it is at least 3-5 cm longer than the waistline.
  • Under no circumstances should a top or blouse be visible from under the cardigan.

Oversized cardigan

In this case, one piece of advice must be followed: there must be one bulky item in the set. In combination with narrow trousers, an oversized cardigan will create a youthful look. If there are several such things, then you get the image of a simpleton.

Long cardigan without buttons

Elongate the silhouette and create vertical lines will be possible in an elongated cardigan without buttons in combination with jeans or trousers. A skirt will work as well, but it should be longer than the cardigan.

Cardigan “boyfriend”

“Boyfriend” resembles a man’s cardigan. Therefore, it is best to combine it with trousers, jeans or leggings.

Knitted cardigan

A knitted cardigan is considered a versatile piece. Therefore, it will look with jeans and sneakers, as well as a dress and pumps.

Long cardigan

A long cardigan should be worn with skirts or dresses so that they are not visible from under the cardigan. You can complement the look with high heels. It can also be worn with trousers and jeans. Here, too, it is best to choose shoes with heels.

With the help of a cardigan, you can escape the cold and at the same time create a fashionable and stylish look.

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