How and with what to wear clothes with polka dots in the fall. 11 stylish examples

Polka dot clothes are always fashionable and stylish. The versatility of this print is that it is combined with many shades, and also suits a woman of any age.

In the coming fall, polka dot clothes will be at the peak of popularity like never before. Therefore, you should not deny yourself the desire to look stylish. The only thing worth knowing is how to wear polka dot clothes. Here are some stylish examples.

  1. Polka Dot Dress and Beige Coat looks

For autumn, a polka dot dress and a beige coat are suitable. You can complement the look with leather or suede boots.

  1. Polka dot dress and plaid blazer

Well-known designers combine these two prints in fashion shows. Why not try this combination for ordinary women too?

  1. Polka dot dress and blue jeans looks

This image remains relevant. Ankle boots will help complete the look.

  1. Polka dot skirt and black biker jacket

Such an image will only emphasize individuality. It is better to choose a dark skirt with light polka dots. It will help hide figure flaws. As for footwear, here it is better to choose suede ankle boots.

  1. Polka dot blouse and plain skirt or trousers

With gray autumn weekdays, you want to cheer yourself up and make your day brighter. This will be facilitated by a polka-dot blouse. It goes well with a plain skirt or trousers. Therefore, you can safely choose this option both for the office and for drawing up a free image.

  1. Polka Dot Shirt and Jeans looks

Jeans are always in fashion. When combined with a shirt with a trendy print, you get a stylish and modern look. Loafers will come in handy with this look.

  1. Dark trousers with small polka dots and a jacket or cardigan

In order not to wear everything dark in autumn, you can diversify your wardrobe by including dark trousers with small polka dots. A jacket or cardigan is suitable as a top. Pants with this print are quite popular this season.

  1. Polka Dot Jumpsuits & Turtleneck

Usually young women prefer to wear overalls. A plain turtleneck complements the jumpsuit. Anything a woman wants is suitable as outerwear. It could be a jacket, or it could be a coat.

  1. All polka dots

Brave and self-confident women often choose this look. The skirt, blouse and jacket are all in a pea print. It looks stylish. Only peas should not differ much in size and color in order for the image to be harmonious.

  1. Polka dot suit

The suit is suitable for early autumn and will perfectly fit into a casual bow. Stiletto heels are the best for this look.

  1. Polka dot trench coat paired with plain trousers or dress

Many girls wear trench coats on cool and rainy days. Peas will bring brightness to the usual image, make it unforgettable. All other clothes should not stand out against the background of the trench coat. He’s in the spotlight.

Do not be afraid of clothes with polka dots. As you can see, it fits perfectly into any look.


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